Blade Runner 2 RC Helicopter - £48.90 delivered (using vouchers) !

Blade Runner 2 RC Helicopter - £48.90 delivered (using vouchers) !

Found 13th Oct 2006
This Blade Runner 2 RC Helicopter is such a boys toy and would make a great xmas prezzie for that someone who has everything - £59.95 at Iwantoneofthose. Use discount code: NECTAR to bring the price down to £53.90 delivered. Use a link in the voucher section to £5 gift vouchers which can be used with this offer... bringing the price to just £48.90 delivered!

This is by far the most awesome indoor flier we've come across - it's very lightweight and simple to operate. It comes completely assembled and ready to fly, has a range of up to 20m, and will fly for up to 15 minutes per charge - and when you're flying a helicopter around the room, that feels like a very long time!! We crash tested it at IWOOT and it faired incredibly well, but it’s a delicate flying machine, not a rubber ball, so take the time to learn how to control it and you'll have a blast! Check out the movie in the next post to see what it can do.
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* 27 MHz, 40 MHz, 49 MHz controller
* Real helicopter performance, Omni-directional flight
* Precision control
* Bright white LED search light and green flashing underbody strobe light
* Tough foam body with flame effect graphics
* Comes completely assembled
* Full function radio control, Ready to fly
* Suitable for ages 10+
* 10-15 minutes flight time on a single one hour charge
* Perfect for indoor flight, Stable hover and full 3-D flight
* Revolutionary CoAxial Rotor Technology
* New, improved weight of only 50g
* Completely stable in flight, Flight range up to 60ft (20m)
* Transmitter with central trim control knob for accurate adjustment, and convenient jack plug connectors.
* Charger for 450 mAH Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery (built in to helicopter)
* AC adapter for recharging helicopters
[img-float=left][/img-float]*Requires 1x9V battery for transmitter
* Rotor diameter: 29cm, Length: 40.6cm

][SIZE=2][COLOR=blue]Click Here to see it in action[/COLOR][/SIZE]
If this one seems a bit expensive, why not go for the Bladerunner Mini - £44.95. This works out at £33.90 delivered after all discounts as shown above.

[img-float=left][/img-float] ][COLOR=blue]Bladerunner Mini - £38.90 delivered from IWantOneOfThose[/COLOR]


* A small version of our popular Bladerunner.
* A full left, right, up, down digitally proportioned control.
* An auto-forward system keeping the helicopter in a constant forward motion making it easy to fly.
* A small green Rescue Man that can be hooked onto the Bladerunner as it swoops.
* A field charger.
* A transmitter with pitch control and a 30 ft flying range.
* A flight speed of 13-23 feet per minute.
* A charge time of 45 minutes is equal to a run time of 6 minutes.
* Suitable for ages 8 years+. Full instructions.
* Requires 1 x 9V Battery for the remote (not included) and 4 x C Cell Batteries for the charger (not included).
* Size: 26 x 23 x 12cm (body of helicopter 12cm in length).
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