Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray/UV) £16.19 Delivered @ Zavvi (Using Code)

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray/UV) £16.19 Delivered @ Zavvi (Using Code)

Found 22nd May 2015

The commemorative gift set includes all 10+ hours of bonus content from the critically acclaimed Ultimate Collector’s Edition from 2007 plus a new, comprehensive photo gallery of newly discovered sketches from director Ridley Scott, photos from the set and more. Collectible memorabilia also includes: a 72-page production art book, all new and numbered collectible spinner car designed by visual futurist Syd Mead. The content includes all five feature film versions--The Final Cut, ‘92 Director’s Cut, Domestic and International Theatrical versions and the rare Work Print.

Disc Contents

Blu-ray Disc 1
Final Cut Feature
Intro by Ridley Scott
Commentary by Ridley Scott
Commentary by Screenwriters
Commentary by Technical Crew
Blu-ray Disc 2
Director's Cut
Original Domestic cut
Original International Theatrical Cut
Intro by Ridley Scott Director's Cut
Intro by Ridley Scott Original Domestic cut
Intro by Ridley Scott Original International Theatrical Cut
Blu-ray Disc 3
Workprint featurette
Workprint introduction by Ridley Scott
Workprint commentary by future noir author Paul M. Sammon
Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner documentary
The Electric Dreamer: Remembering Philip K. Dick featurette
Sacrificial Sheep: The Novel vs. The Film featurette
Philip K. Dick: The Blade Runner Interviews featurette
Signs of the Times: Graphic Design featurette
Fashion Forward: Wardrobe and Styling featurette
Screen Tests: Rachel and Pris featurette
The Light That Burns: Remembering Jordan Cronenweth featurette
Deleted and Alternate Scenes - Including introduction by Ridley Scott
On the Set featurette
Convention reel
Behind-the-scenes outtakes
1981 teaser trailer
1982 theatrical trailer
1982 TV spot - trailers and TV spot
1992 Director's Cut trailer
2007 Dangerous Days teaser trailer
2007 Final Cut trailer
Promoting Dystopia: Rendering the Poster Art featurette
Deck-A-Rep: The True Nature of Rick Deckard featurette
Nexus Generation: Fans & Filmmakers featurette
All Our Variant Futures: From Workprint to Final Cut featurette
Blade Runner Stills Gallery ## 1,042 Images
Please note that the Final Cut feature on disc 1 also includes a German audio track.
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Seems to keep dropping...
Which cut is the one where Decker is doing commentary? The one where they sound corny.
The version with the Deckard voice over is the theatrical cut with the happy (pinched from The Shining) ending. I ordered this a few days ago but unfortunately it was packaged in just a jiffy bag and arrived squashed and bashed
Likewise, mine arrived yesterday, a "Collectors Edition" and they shipped it in a flippin jiffy bag, couldnt believe it. Arrived looking like someone has sat on it! I haven't had any issues with Zavvi until now but I certainly won't be ordering any more collectable stuff from them.
That's a terrific price. I think I'll ask Amazon to price match and use Flubit. It kind of defeats the object of a collectors edition if it arrives squashed.
The book is awesome :-)
I have never figured out why people rave over this film, it's ok but there are a lot better films out there.
Mine arrived likewise in a jiffy bag in a crumpled box - do Zavvi not realise that collectors buy these editions ?

Mine arrived likewise in a jiffy bag in a crumpled box - do Zavvi not … Mine arrived likewise in a jiffy bag in a crumpled box - do Zavvi not realise that collectors buy these editions ?

Yep thats why I never use Zavvi regardless of how cheap they are. It's just not worth the risk.
You think their shipping is bad? Wait till you'll experienced their returns

Amazon fulfilled a steelbook shipped the other day in thin cardboard .. Bent buckled and bruised .. Meanwhile Amazon Germany ship their steelbooks in boxes with plenty of impact zones (see my post for the 'Art of Flight' bluray to see pictures!) ..

Stupid situation when you can trust overseas sellers to get something to you over a local seller
Mine also arrived in a jiffy bag bashed and crumpled. They are aware they are collectors items but the packing department are useless as is there entire company.

When I opened a returns ticket (no email or contact number for Zaavi) they offered me 10% refund. I said no I want to return for full refund hence opening a "return ticket". Another 48 hours and I was sent return details. Zaavi ARE TERRIBLE AVOID. TO CHEAP TO BE TRUE!

This is also available on Amazon for £22 I have ordered through a Amazon they usually package large items In boxes. At least they have a decent returns policy and are easily contactable by phone or email etc.
I have experienced terrible delivery with Amazon too. Criterion collection blu-rays sent from US in jiffy! But again there returns policy is awesome even back to America.

With high Street shops are all but gone how do we improve the packaging of web shops?
Maybe things will improve when drone delivery takes off?
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