Blade Runner: Final Cut: Ultimate Collectors Edition: 5dvd £5.99 delivered @ HMV
Blade Runner: Final Cut: Ultimate Collectors Edition: 5dvd £5.99 delivered @ HMV

Blade Runner: Final Cut: Ultimate Collectors Edition: 5dvd £5.99 delivered @ HMV

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It is 2019 and genetically made beings known as replicants exist as slaves and prostitutes in the off-planet colonies. Despite possessing such human traits as intelligence and virtual emotion, they are limited by a four-year life span which forces them to question their mortality. Four escaped replicants, led by Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer, THE HITCHER), arrive in Los Angeles to confront their designer, Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkel). Hot on their trail is world-weary assassin--or 'blade runner'--Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford, INDIANA JONES), who has come out of retirement especially for this case. His objective is to hunt down and liquidate the four renegade androids before they have a chance to exact revenge on their cruel human oppressors. In the course of his search, Deckard becomes romantically entangled with Tyrell's lovely assistant Rachael (Sean Young)--who may not be all that she seems--and a dramatic face-off with Batty is inevitable. Director Ridley Scott's hauntingly prescient vision of the not-too-distant future is a stark revelation: a dark, polluted, overcrowded dystopia dominated by cloud-piercing buildings and looming neon billboards, the air dense with acid rain and flying traffic. Based on the novel DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? by Philip K Dick, BLADE RUNNER boasts astonishingly rich art direction, juxtaposing ingenious technological gadgetry with yellowing photographs and fetishist objets d'art as it touches on questions of time, memory, identity, and mortality.


Way hot - v. good find Amibees!

Great film, absolute classic of it's genre.

+ Quidco too!

One of the best films of all time

I've been waiting for this to get a bit cheaper. Hot!


Time to... buy. :thumbsup:

Blimey, I thought this was a good buy at ~£17 when it first came out. £5.99 is so cheap it's practically stealing.

i thought this was a good deal at £17.99

In my personal Top 10. Great price :thumbsup:

ordered, great deal. product page shows in stock. my order status showing Awaiting stock allocation. i think this means its still in stock though.

Ridiculously hot...

Dirt cheap!

Great price, voted HOT! :thumbsup:

Great find! Ordered and already on it's way. Have some heat.

just received an email for my order 2 hours ago..its on its way!

check out the blu ray one for top notch film

how good would this be on a hdupscaler???

Good deal but I dont see what is so good about this film, it was on TV a few weeks ago and I wasnt too impressed.

/goes to find tin hat lol!

good find hot

This is truly an awesome deal!

You're not on your own KingBoyD, I turned it off after about 45 minutes because I found it so dull. Don't get me wrong - I'm not one of those who is going to vote cold just because I don't like it though! Very good price!

Personally I'm waiting for the 17 disc special edition to be released in 2018 :thumbsup:

Heat Added me boy.........................One mans meats another mans poison....................This for me was a top notch film .......Bargain at £5.99...............:thumbsup:


Time to... buy. :thumbsup:

Ha ha - nice one Rutger!

great deal - H & R

A Very Hot order been placed :w00t:

One of the first movies i bought on VHS never had the disc.

Ordered and HOT

Am I the only one that prefers the original with the voice over?


Am I the only one that prefers the original with the voice over?

No, you're not. I prefer that one too. It's in this set and that's why I've bought it!

great deal, voted hot

but for me it's a marmite film

great price for this boxset!!

this was taken from another forun on here:

Amazing price, quality boxset. Contains about 306 versionsof the film.

can anybody enlighten me about all these versions?


Time to... buy. :thumbsup:

Very good... :-D

Hot thread! This deal has been included in Bitterwallet's ]deals of the day! Thanks!


Just ordered this and the steelcase District 9, great price!!!

Ahh, has the good version with the Deckard voice over - I'm in.

good find - worth it just for the end-title Vangelis track IMHO.

Ordered...repped and heat- thanks ever so much.

My favourite. And you wouldn't have guessed that.

Absolute bargain. Pity I have all of them singulary.

There is so much in this box, artwork postcards, a letter from Ridley Scott, original versions of the film, 2007 directors cut, remastered 2009 directors ultimate cut, deleted scenes...for £5.99 this really is something special, if I could have added more heat I would of.


can anybody enlighten me about all these versions?


Disc 1: The Final Cut

Disc 2: Dangerous Days Documentary (longer than the whole ****ing film, but interesting interviews with cast members and crew).

Disc 3: US theatrical cut, International theatrical cut and the 1992 Directors cut - Basically all three versions knitted together via clever disc chaptering.

Disc 4: Enhancement archive (Loads of extras).

Disc 5: Workprint version with alternate music and footage, voiceovers etc, plus All Our Variant Futures featurette.

I preordered mine over two years ago and haven't got through half of it yet, total runtime on the box is down as 678 mins approx :w00t:

ordered - great find

I'd buy this if it was bluray for the same cash =S

Duelling Duck;7573495

Ahh, has the good version with the Deckard voice over - I'm in.

You go straight to hell for that one!! ;-)

The documentary on this is great, really gave an insight to what went into creating this masterpiece!
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