Blade Trinity (3): 2DVD: Extended Version: Special Edition £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

Blade Trinity (3): 2DVD: Extended Version: Special Edition £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

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Found 7th May 2009
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A ramped-up techno soundtrack bleats out adrenaline-pumping action tunes while leather-clad vampire slayers smash through walls and floors and ceilings, break windows with their bodies, and occasionally defy gravity. Cascades of flying glass sparkle in the air and crimson pools of blood shine on the floors of warehouse dens where the hungry creatures hide. This is BLADE: TRINITY, the third instalment of the film series adapted from Marvel comics. Here, a new challenge faces the preternaturally sharp hunter, Blade (Wesley Snipes), when a group of vamps resurrect the long-slumbering 'Drake' (Dominic Purcell)--the ancient and all-powerful Count Dracula--and Blade meets the ultimate opponent. Teaming up with the Nightstalkers, a group of similar-minded hunters led by tough slayer-hottie Abigail (Jessica Biel) and her joke-a-minute partner Hannibal (Ryan Reynolds), Blade is ready for battle. However, Drake's handlers are an unruly bunch themselves, with sassy goth wench Danica (Parker Posey in a wonderfully exaggerated performance) doing her best to make things as unpleasant as possible. What's more, while Danica's vamp team is harvesting homeless people for their blood, the Nightstalkers' scientist creates a potion that can not only kill Drake but can take the entire bloodsucking race with him. And thus, David S. Goyer continues the BLADE cinema series, satisfying fans with plenty of the nocturnal monster mystique they so desperately crave.

Extended Version - Features 10 Minutes Of Extra Footage
Double Disc Set - Special Features
Audio Commentary By Writer/Director/Producer David Goyer, Ryan Reynolds And Jessica Biel
Audio Commentary By Writer/Director/Producer David Goyer, Producers Peter Frankfurt And Lynn Harris, Cinematographer Gabriel Beristain, Production Designer Chris Gorak And Editor Howard E.Smith
Goyer On Goyer The Writer Interviews The Director
Alternate Ending
Blooper Reel
The Urban Vampire - Story Development
The Familiar Leader - David Goyer Directs
Fresh Blood - Casting
Nightstalker Boot Camp - Cast Training
From Tombs To Towers - Set Design
Dressed To Kill - Costume Design
UV Lighting - Cinematography
Beyond The Basics - Facts For The Uber-Fan
Silver, Swords And Sundogs - Designing The Blade Weaponry
Creating Mayhem - Stunts & Action
Sword Against Celluloid - Editing
The Perfect Ash - Visual Effects
The Beat Of Blade - The Music
The Sound Of Slaying - Sound Design
The Colour Of Blood - Enhancing The Colours
Who Shall Die - The Future Of Blade
Stills Galleries
Theatrical Trailers
Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic
Dolby Digital EX 5.1 / Dolby Digital DTS ES 6.1 / Dolby Digital Stereo Surround
Languages - English
Subtitles - English
Region 2 / PAL / Colour
Theatrical Running Time: 113 Minutes Approx
Extended Running Time: 123 Minutes Approx

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