Blades of Glory 9.99 - in-store @ Morrisons

Blades of Glory 9.99 - in-store @ Morrisons

Found 20th Aug 2007
As you may have guessed, I am loving Morrisons right now.

Morrions are selling the Ice Skating comedy Blades of Glory for £9.99 instore.

The next cheapest i have found its film night at 11.95.


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why's this so cold? is it not a good deal? have i wasted my pennies again?

Voted hot, I really enjoyed this film.

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me too! loved it

People should be voting it hot for the deal, not cos they liked / disliked the movie.

Should be voted HOT as its the cheapest i can find it at - the next cheapest is £11.95 according to

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yeah its the cheapest i found it too!

voted hot. fantastic, cheesy film. brilliant...

Voted hot and it's a great movie, the trailer is awful and nearly put me off watching and if Will Ferrell wasn't in it I probably wouldn't have, but the movie itself is hilarious, well worth £9.99 for a new movie. :thumbsup:

Also had Shooter for £9.99 in my local Morrisons aswell.

Yeh as of late morrisons have had pretty much the entire top 10 dvd chart at £9.99, i am pretty sure this is why we are seeing £9.99 pre/prders for spiderman 3 and pirates 3 at!

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i think have lowered their price to 9.99 now too.
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