Blake Charlton -  Spellwright - Kindle Edition - FREE

Blake Charlton - Spellwright - Kindle Edition - FREE

Found 26th Sep 2010Made hot 26th Sep 2010
Not everyones cup of tea these sort of books but its possibly priced wrong on the Amazon website. The Kindle edition is free, as you buy Kindle books straight away they can't stop the delivery and so you end up paying nothing for a newly released novel.


Well spotted!

'Bought' it, though I have a sneaking suspicion it's bait to get me to switch my Kindle account from the US to the UK...

Awesome find Jim, *many* thanks.

Thanks, excellent Just grabbed it (for iPad).

:Dalso downloaded to pc = loads of really good books. thank you

Nice find.X)

just downloaded about 20 books for free. They are mostly available free elsewhere on the internet anyway!

Original Poster

Its now £8.70 so must have been a misprice!

Now there's the beauty of ordering and downloading at the same time. Too late for Amazon to cancel the order as its now sitting on my Kindle. Yeah!
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