Blastworks (Wii) £4.98 delivered @ Game
Blastworks (Wii) £4.98 delivered @ Game

Blastworks (Wii) £4.98 delivered @ Game

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Whether it's by land, sea or air, BlastWorks: Build, Trade, Destroy challenges you to a frenetic geometric battle! As you destroy your opponents, you can absorb their parts and use them to make your own ship bigger and stronger. In addition, level and ship editors let you customize and design to your liking and then trade creations with friends. With bright, abstract graphics and fast-paced action, this "sticky" creative shooter based on the Tumiki Fighters online game will suck you in for the long haul.


# Become a massive ship over 15+ different missions by playing with the game and the Nunchuk controller or the Wii Classic Controller
# Design your own levels, ships, enemy ships, objects, and bosses with the in-depth Blastworks Editor
# Assign Bullet Patterns, Sound FX, movement patterns, hit boxes, and more in the Ship Editor portion of the Blastworks Editor
# Trade custom ships, levels and high scores with your friends via WiiConnect24
# Absorb the pieces and weapons of destroyed enemies to build a larger, stronger ship that prepares you to fight more formidable Boss Ships
# Supports multiplayer gameplay for 2-4 players in multiple modes
# Retro geometric graphic style lends this classic shooter a unique look
# Finish the game to unlock 4 complete Kenta Cho games: Tumiki Fighters, Gunroar, Torus Trooper and rRootage



Wow, never even heard of this game. But the reviews are pretty good.


I might give this a go. Can't really go wrong for less than a fiver. :thumbsup:

Seems a curious game...a side scrolling shooter with an uninamiginative single player campaign but with a full, Little big planet style level editor so that you can make your own levels.
Has anyone played it? Not for me i don't think as I don't have the time or patience to construct my own levels, but hot price.

Sounds interesting - definately worth a punt for a fiver :thumbsup:

fantastic game

i had it on rental a while ago, and just didn't get into it at all, thought it was just a mediocre game with an editor stuck on it.

Decent game, worth five nicker.

Noooooooooooooooo OOS


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