Blaupunkt DAB Radio with Alarm less than half price - £24.99 @ Sainsburys instore

Blaupunkt DAB Radio with Alarm less than half price - £24.99 @ Sainsburys instore

Found 24th Jan 2014
Blaupunkt Retro Style DAB Radio & Alarm from Sainsburys Telford Forge retail park. These were £54.99 now £24.99. There were two left Friday pm. Couldn't find on Sainsburys web site though.
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I saw these but why cold??
hot from me. Got the last one just then in my local.
Great price OP, heat added xxx
Just got a Tesco DAB from Tesco for £1.00... ex display.
And a Pure Mi DAB for £5.00

No point in posting it... as I bought the last ones.
(Tesco Extra Burnley)
Bought this radio for mumsie....she is pleased with it. Think I paid £35, so this is a good deal.
Got you up to a 100. Can't see why it took over a week as it seems a good deal to me.

Just got a Tesco DAB from Tesco for £1.00... ex display. And a Pure Mi … Just got a Tesco DAB from Tesco for £1.00... ex display. And a Pure Mi DAB for £5.00No point in posting it... as I bought the last ones.(Tesco Extra Burnley)

Thanks for that.
has anyone actually seen this in the last couple of days?
Got one of these weeks ago for this price at the Sainsburys in Ashton Gate Bristol..
Not bad, the finish is a little cheap, and if turned up, the grill rattles a little.
But for £25, cannot complain!
Same price in mine but decided to walk on by as not needed
Seen in Bristol Castle Court
Not a bad radio, bought one for work, no aux socket, not much bass, aerial bit short for poor reception areas. Does the job in the office just about. A few left in Farnborough Town
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Bought one today, i live in a good reception area so no problem there. for £24.99 you cant go wrong. Only criticism would be the menu system is a little clunky but all in all im happy with it.
there were two left in Halifax store if anyone is interested
Purely by chance I happened to spot a couple of these 'bargain-basement' DAB radios on display last night in the Crystal Palace store at Whitehorse Lane (adjacent to the football Stadium). Unfortunately the first box I picked up had clearly been opened by someone and it's Instruction Manual was missing....'caveat emptor' or 'buyer beware' as they say !!

I found the 'retro' appearance quite appealing and considering the ridiculously exorbitant prices being charged by competing manufacturers for similar products (which generally tend to come supplied with only a mono loudspeaker), on this occasion I decided just for once to risk things (nothing ventured, nothing gained etc) and try one out.

At just £24.99 I must say that I've not been disappointed in any way and have been genuinely surprised by the excellent quality of this radio's audio reproduction, especially via the 3.5 mm stereo headphone socket, which is positioned at the rear of the radio.

The speakers themselves sound more than acceptable and you can store up to a maximum of 20 presets (10 DAB plus 10 FM), whilst the radio reception through the extending rear aerial on both FM and DAB channels has thus far been exemplary.

The small digital readout display situated on the front fascia panel features clear yellow LED characters against a contrasting blue background, which can be set at 3 different brightness levels. I've found the Dual Alarm feature very handy and you can either choose to set the radio to wake you with one of your chosen radio stations or by the alarm signal.

The ultra-reliable 'clock' receives a DAB radio frequency time signal and is absolutely 'spot on' when accurately setting a wrist-watch for example. What's not to like? IMHO at £24.99 the Blaupunkt is something of a genuine bargain! My advice is simply lay your hands on one before stocks run out !!!
can anyone tell me if this is fairly load or not?
Hi kenzo

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume what you actually intended to ask was 'if this radio is fairly loud (typo: load ?) or not'. The specifications at the back of the instruction booklet state a modest audio output of 2W x 2 RMS per channel, but this retro-styled Blaupunkt DAB radio is probably perfectly adequate for typical use in say a bedroom or kitchen environment. The sound is pretty powerful when listening through a decent pair of headphones and the integral alarm is almost loud enough to wake the dead....don't say you haven't been warned in advance !
It turned out that my significant 'other half' appeared to have taken a distinct 'shine' to the arrival of the new Blaupunkt and said she'd rather fancy one herself, as she liked the idea of listening to R5live on crystal clear DAB, instead of on crackly old medium wave as she used to do.
A slight word of caution though......having tried this model out to find if it was any good or not (which imho it WAS !), the next day I telephoned the nearest Sainsbury's Superstore to enquire if they had another one in stock.
I quoted the code (SKU - 125387624) on the box to the Helpdesk and was assured that their computer was showing 4.5 crates (2 radios per crate) in stock. However, having driven about 5-6 miles out of my way the next day in order to purchase another radio, when I arrived I was somewhat puzzled as I could not see a single one on display anywhere.
Unfortunately it turned out that the member of staff who'd answered the phone had mistakenly 'assumed' them to be in stock, as it apparently showed up on their computer's inventory, but hadn't gone to the actual bother of physically checking either a) the shelves in the store, nor b) the stockroom !!!
Naturally by then I was NOT 'a very happy bunny', I can assure you. Luckily I managed to track one down at another branch and out-of-the-blue received a complimentary £5.00 voucher from a staff member at the help-desk, for all the inconvenience I'd been put through. RESULT !
You should also note that this item is officially listed by Sainsbury's as a 'discontinued' product, hence the massive price reduction, so if you can still find one somewhere (and get a member of staff to physically 'track-it-down' ! and reserve it for you, then I'd still say go-for-it !
Hope this 'info' helps somewhat.
Six on the shelves in Sainsbury's Bletchley, near Milton Keynes this evening
Just bought 1 from Sainsburys Nantwich, now £16.49 bargain!!
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