Blaupunkt Lucca 3.5 Edition Sat Nav with TMC reduced to £58.71 @ Sainsburys

Blaupunkt Lucca 3.5 Edition Sat Nav with TMC reduced to £58.71 @ Sainsburys

Found 8th Feb 2009Made hot 9th Feb 2009
Don't know if this is nationwide. Probably in store only.

Found in Huntingdon Store yesterday. These were £79.99 reduced to £59.99 and then down to £58.71 due to VAT change.


Anti-glare, high-contrast 3.5" TFT touch screen colour display
Centrality Atlas III Dual Core processor 400 MHz ARM9 266 MHz DSP
Internal 1 GB flash memory / 64 MB SDRAM memory
Street level mapping for UK/ Ireland (100% Ireland coverage)
Pre-installed major roads of Europe / street level mapping for 21 EU counties on DVD
Integrated TMC receiver for dynamic navigation and routing around traffic congestion
MMC/SD/SDHC card slot 256 MB 4 GB
Playback of MP3/WMA*/OGG** via MMC/SD card
Display of JPEG/BMP/GIF picture files via MMC/SD card
Full UK Postcode Search
PIN code theft protection
Battery runtime in navigation mode up to 3 hours
Dimensions (?x D) 109 x 20 mm / 195 g

Suspect the maps are 2007, haven't checked yet, but updated maps are £59.99 from Tele Atlas and cover 41 European countries.

Link to Blaupunkt site for more info:…asp

Have tried to upload a picture, but can't seem to get it to work.


Hot since it's got Traffic routing builtin!

I've had one of these for about 6 months now and can reccomend them. It took a bit of getting used to after a TomTom, but I find it really easy to use now.

i bought this 2 days ago, fell out of my hand and i damaged the screen gutted so badly

I picked one of these up at my local Sainsburys.

There was only the one empty box left. They had to get the contents from the stock room.

For various reasons I prefer to buy something which is boxed without the contents having been removed, and when I got home low & behold there is no AC power adapter ! :x Should have actually asked to look at all the accessories before the guy put the stuff in the box.

So it's going back. Unless I can get them to lower the price by £19 which is what an AC mains adapter costs for this unit off Ebay. I'll be surprised if they do, though they're not going to sell it at the full asking price with a crucial piece of the contents missing.

Oh what a carry-on :roll:

Went back to Sainsburys In Bradford today with a print out from [url][/url] which sells Blaupunkt satnav gear & accessories - they stock the AC mains adapter for £15.99 delivered.

Woman who dealt with me went to speak to store manager & put forward my request if they could give me £16 to cover the cost of a replacement mains adapter which was missing from the contents & he said NO ! And told her to refund :x

I don't think he actually paid any attention to what she was requesting because then I kicked up a fuss & said well in that case could they please give me petrol money for me having to drive to the store once to buy the thing & then to return again to sort out something which in effect was their mistake. I was then offered a £10 voucher by the manager - doh !

In the end I got £16 in cash off them & no one knew why the manager couldn't have just given it in the first place.

Hope this is an ok piece of kit, my first satnav.

I'm led to believe it comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty ? Best order the AC main adapter .....

Picked up one today. Not bad for a top brand.

Got this for £39.15 in Braehead Glasgow today.
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