BlazBlue Central Fiction (PS4) - £7.99 at Base

BlazBlue Central Fiction (PS4) - £7.99 at Base

Posted 10th Nov
Brace yourselves for the pinnacle of 2D fighting action - this is BlazBlue's final and most hard-hitting chapter to date, with more stages, more moves, more characters than ever before.

Whether you're a hardcore BlazBlue veteran, or a newcommer wanting to experience the HUGE single player mode, one thing is for certain, this is the ULTIMATE anime fighting experience!

- 40+ hour story mode - A Brand New Chapter in the Saga. A massive story mode coupled with new modes and mechanics will keep you coming back for more!

- 30+ Characters - Compelling visual designs and creative combat mechanics dominate this cast of excellent characters

- 60+ Stages - New locales and familiar stomping grounds are all rendered in 3D and offer a unique contrast to the intricately hand-drawn 2D fighter sprites

- Glorious 2D visuals - Insanely detailed 2D hand-drawn sprites coupled with astonishing 3D rendered backgrounds create a world unlike anything you've seen before

- New game mechanics - Massive Exceed Accel attacks to finish Overdrive mode with a bang, and Active Flow that will encourage aggressive play and increase your offensive power

- New Game Modes - Speed Star Mode and Alliance Mode Stylish Mode - Simplify the control scheme to let new players enter the fight without getting stuck on complicated input commands
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It might not be as complete as the version on the Switch (there's only 2-3 characters difference tbh) but this is a great price for an entry that has 35 characters to choose from (you have to play through story mode to unlock Susanō but everyone else is available from the off).

If I knew you I'd be tempted to buy you a copy. Tbh its the price of two pints at the pub so see it that way.
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