BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (Limited Edition) Xbox 360/PS3 (Preorder) £17.99 @ Zavvi
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (Limited Edition) Xbox 360/PS3 (Preorder) £17.99 @ Zavvi

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (Limited Edition) Xbox 360/PS3 (Preorder) £17.99 @ Zavvi

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Stunning bargain; almost twice this price elsewhere; and that's the standard edition too

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, full sequel to Calamity Trigger, is the high octane 2D fighter developed by Arc System Works, creators of the Guilty Gear franchise, that has won international critical acclaim for its stunning visuals and accessible but deep fighting system - bringing fighting game enthusiasts and novices together in a game IGN voted 'Best Fighting Game Of The Year'.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift delivers a brand new story, 7 new characters, 15 new stages and 4 new modes. The refined gameplay and enhancements to the already stunning HD 2D graphics make this is a full step up and will cement BlazBlue's position as the freshest, most compelling fighting experiences of 2010.

A Brand New Story:

Following on from the events of the acclaimed Calamity Trigger story, this new chapter introduces 28 individual stories, voiced in both Japanese and English. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift offers twice the story content of its predecessor

7 New Characters:

Including the sinister Hazama, the deadly Lambda, brutally efficient Tsubaki and the ungodly power of Noel evolution, Mu

15 New Stages:

Featuring more of the gorgeous, detailed 3D backgrounds that give BlazBlue its unique style - the total battle arena count now stands at a massive 29!

4 New Modes:

* Beginner Mode: Levels the playing field by introducing an innovative control scheme for novices
* Tutorial: An exhaustive tutorial teaching the incredible breadth of BlazBlue's strategies and tactics
* Challenge: A massive master class of 300 challenges that will take you through every character's unique specials and deadly combos
* Legion: The compelling single-player Legion Mode from Calamity Trigger Portable returns. Recruit fighters to your army and take territory from your opponent in an enhanced version that features new, more complex maps

Refined Gameplay:
Expect your favourite characters to have some new tricks up their sleeves! Arc System Works have tweaked and refined the incredible fighting mechanics so BlazBlue plays better than ever before

Take the battle online with incredible lag-free ranked and player modes

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - Limited Edition Includes:

* BlazBlue: Continuum Shift game
* 96 page art book including artwork and concept sketches never before seen outside Arc System Works, as well as unique pieces created specifically for the European release
* Collection of eight beautiful art cards featuring stunning illustrations from Arc System Work's BlazBlue universe. Each card will also display special moves, distortions and combos for characters in the expanded Continuum Shift roster


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Spanking price, lets hope it is honoured



I'd get this in a flash if i had my 360 still, will make do with the PC version of the original.

Pretty sure it's a misprice, they're meant to be selling the limited edition of the current game for £17.95 but they can't tell the difference between the titles :P

Just got sent this in Zavvi's latest offers email.

Price seems right. the original is awesome and you can pick it up for £14 in the hmv sales.

7% quidco also

lets hope its honoured

question - do they debit your card with order or on dispatch?

Best deal in a while. Big thank you.


Do Zavvi guarantee pre-order prices?

Woooooo have some heat x


Do Zavvi guarantee pre-order prices?

Just like HMV they may cancel at any random time while sending you the most patronising e-mail possible.

dont think its a misprice, look at this pic


Yeah but they say it's a price drop but Continuum Shift isn't out yet. They might have put Continuum Shift in the banner instead of Calamity Trigger because of the mistake.

Buying to sell on

Good idea, buy a sequel to a game that fell to less than half price very quickly, that has itself dropped to that price before even being released, in order to sell it.

I assume this is like Brewster's Millions, and you're planning to lose money. Right?


On dispatch, that's what all the online shops do.

MOST online shops maybe, but not all. Argos for instance take the money as soon as you order.

trade into hmv first day, doubt its gonna be less than 35 quid there

hot hot hot - thanks

Very hot

Heat from me too...ordered to sell and fun towards the MOVE controllers i want to purchase.

Kool just bought this with Dead Rising 2 and got 7% quidco and £5 off offer

but will they dispatch them separately or else I will have a late Dead Rising 2

Great deal, I bought the first one not long ago and it's great fun.
How much would HMV realistically give for it, do you think?

Which format is better i ordered 360 version


Which format is better i ordered 360 version

Whichever system you have an arcade stick for. If you don't have one, then PS3 because of the d-pad.

Well I traded red dead redemption in about 3 weeks after it came and got 27 pound credit

So i'm hoping for 25 in cash, 30 in credit
from hmv

Game dont give anywhere near as much so i wouldnt bother

Hmm, with the prices of the dvds I want being £3/4 more expensive compared to play, I don't really save any money through trading and buying that way think I'll keep my copy then, always nice to have a limited edition game this cheap.
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Thank you very much for the info.

Add iWoot10 voucher (10% off) to sweeten the deal £16.19 after discount. If possible, you guys should consider getting the PS3 version if you're wanting to play with people from other countries (eg. Japan).

Price has changed now to £29.95, Mmmmmm.

I think we could all be getting emails shortly of a miss price.
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I think maybe they were getting some interest in it. Clearing some units. They did the same with the 1st one when that came out. I odered that one for 17.97 from Zavvi.

crap its up to £32 which is still good! has anyone got any emails saying that they aint honouring £18???

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crap its up to £32 which is still good! has anyone got any emails saying … crap its up to £32 which is still good! has anyone got any emails saying that they aint honouring £18???

Keep an eye on it; I reckon it could drop to £17.99 again either tonight or Sunday afternoon

back on

this afternoon its still £32 doh!

It's been put back, again, noooooooooooooo! I think it's been out nearly a year in America haha

Got an email today saying
"We're sorry that your order for the product(s) below has not yet been sent.
* BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (Limited Edition)
We're still following this up with our suppliers and we'll keep you updated on the status of your order.

You can check the status of your order by clicking on order tracking in your account pages."


Yeah, usually if your order has been delayed due to lack of stock they send out an automatic message. This time because the game has been delayed 3 weeks.

Mine's turned up today! And it's bashed to crap and has a rip in it! Good old Zavvi!

mine came today but dont know how to get the "Free Makoto DLC Character "

Didnt it suppose to came with a mini figurine as well ??????
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