Blazing Saddles: 30th Anniversary Special Edition (DVD) - £2.99 @ Play
Blazing Saddles: 30th Anniversary Special Edition (DVD) - £2.99 @ Play

Blazing Saddles: 30th Anniversary Special Edition (DVD) - £2.99 @ Play

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The railroad's got to run through the town of Rock Ridge. How do you drive out the townfolk in order to steal their land? Send in the toughest gang you've got...and name a new sheriff who'll last about 24 hours. But that's not really the plot of Blazing Saddles, just the pretext. Once Mel Brooks' lunatic film many call his best gets started, logic is lost in a blizzard of gags, jokes, quips, puns, howlers, growlers and outrageous assaults upon good taste or any taste at all!

Cleavon Little as the new lawman, Gene Wilder as the wacko Waco Kid, Brooks himself as a dimwitted politico and Madeline Kahn in her Marlene Dietrich send-up that earned an Academy Award nomination all give this sagebrush saga their lunatic best. And when Blazing Saddles can't contain itself at the finale, it just proves the Old West will never be the same!

Special Features:-
* Scene specific audio commentary from director/co-writer Mel Brooks
* Additional scenes
* 'Intimate Portrait: Madeline Kahn' featurette
* 'Back In The Saddle' cast and crew reunion documentary
* 'Black Bart': the 1975 TV pilot inspired by the movie
* starring Lou Gossett Jr. and Steve Landesberg


They wouldn't be able to make a film like this now.
And it did more good than any of the pompous -ist and -phobic ranters have ever done

Hedley Lemarr ..... Heat Added

Taggart: [shouting] We'll head them off at the pass!
Hedley Lamarr: Head them off at the pass? I hate that cliché!
[shoots his foot]
Edited by: "Boz" 21st Mar 2011

Any film with the line "teutonic ****" gets a huge thumbs up
Edited by moderator: "potty mouth" 21st Mar 2011

Classic film. Love it, Heat added.

Ordered. Cannot wait to watch this...again!

Yeeeeeeeehah! Have some heat


true comedy.....Mel Brooks was way ahead of the game when it came to this movie......excellent cast, simple storyline and great humour all the way!

No god dammit, I said the sheriff is a niBONG!!!!
What did he say, the sheriff is a near?

Phar-r-rt,phar-r-rt,phar-r-rt a good buy.
Thanx for that AW.

Badges, we don't need no steenking badges !

It wasn't funny then, it isn't funny now. They should be giving this garbage away.

Not a shabby price. Heat.
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