Bleep Lossless Sale - Top Albums In HQ mp3/wav/flac
Bleep Lossless Sale - Top Albums In HQ mp3/wav/flac

Bleep Lossless Sale - Top Albums In HQ mp3/wav/flac

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Throughout March selected digital albums on the store are available for £4.99 in any format (MP3, WAV, FLAC). This gives a chance to pick up an high quality album at a great price, and test out the high quality files that Bleep can offer. More titles will be added throughout the month so keep checking back for additional offers.

File formats


Bleep MP3s are very high quality, encoded to using the LAME codec (program), widely acknowledged as the best MP3 encoder available.

Files added to Bleep SINCE JANUARY 2006 are encoded at the maximum possible quality of 320 Kbps Bitrate. (indicated next to the "Buy MP3 Release" link for each product) Files added to Bleep PRIOR TO JANUARY 2006 are encoded using Variable BitRate (VBR) encoding. (indicated next to the "Buy MP3 Release" link for each product) This means that the bitrate changes during the file, saving space where the maximum encoding level is not required. They are still very high quality - indistinguishable from 320kpbs MP3s.


WAV files are uncompressed lossless files. This is the same quality as on a CD.


FLAC files are the same quality as Wav files however they are compressed, so are a smaller file size. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec and is an open source format. For more information about this visit: Sourceforge.

Please note iTunes DOES NOT support the playback of FLAC files. Please do not purchase any release in the FLAC format from Bleep if you are not sure what they are or if you can play them!

24 Bit WAV

Selected titles on the store are available in 24 Bit wav. We do not encode the 24 bit from a lower quality file the 24 bit WAV is produced in the Mastering of the release and is the highest quality we can provide. All 24 bit WAV are 24bit/44.1kHz. Please be aware the file size is considerably larger than the 16 bit version and there will be compatibility issues with some music players. (24 bit – 1.06gb / 16 bit – 720mb)

****24 bit Wav files will not play and may cause problems with earlier generation iPods and some other MP3 players. In addition some software media players including Windows Media Player will not support this format unless the appropriate codec is installed. The 24 bit file can be converted to a lower quality version that will be universally playable using any audio file editor such as Audacity.

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