Blek - iOS game (iPhone, iPad compatible) 79p (66% off) (iTunes)

Blek - iOS game (iPhone, iPad compatible) 79p (66% off) (iTunes)

Found 2nd Apr 2015
Decent game
Compatible with all types of iOS devices (from ipod touch to full size iPad). Personally I prefer the iPad mini for games like this
buy once and install on all your devices
incredibly highly rated (1804x 5* ratings, just 111x 1*s)
has been ported on to the wii u but is $5.99 in the US store (not sure of UK price) and I think because of the superior touch screen on the iPad and screen resolution, that would be better.
for those that got the tesco clubcard boost, this is 16p of gaming fun, can't say no at that price!
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Is it on sale on Android, just with less discount? Or is the sale picture just to promote ios?

I would have bitten at 79p as well
unfortunately i don't know of any camel style service that would let me check previous prices of apps - that would be very handy to know at times!
I'm assuming that's the full price for android, but as this is 66% off at 79p, the full price for iOS may be £2.29 (poor maths, but i don't think you can charge £2.37 for an iOS app), and therefore the full android price *might* be a bit higher.

**forget that
just checked play store and it has a sale banner on the logo, sadly for some reason they chose not to price match their other offer…=en
From what I can see it has been a similar price on Android a couple of months a go - $2.99 - .99. I'll wait it out until it's back down again.

Heat for the IOS users though.
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