Blendtec Total Blender Classic £263.99 @ Costco

Blendtec Total Blender Classic £263.99 @ Costco

£263.99Costco Deals
Found 19th Oct 2014
This is the blender from the 'Will it Blend?' Youtube viral videos. One of the best consumer blenders on the market and usually between £350-£450 depending on where you go.

Costco have it for £299 inc vat but when I took it to the checkout they took another £30 off the ex vat price making it £263.99 inc vat.

They applied a voucher discount to it even though I didn't spot it in their monthly voucher booklet in store. I'm assuming this is nationwide but call your local Costco before making the trip.

To all those people who have no interest in kitchen appliances and will vote cold because it's a £260 blender, please vote on the actual deal, not how much it costs in absolute terms. I don't think you will find this cheaper anywhere else. I don't even think you will get close. It's currently £350 on Amazon.
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Will it blend though? That is the question.

Will it blend though?

Choice of in theory should blend in most Kitchens

... Lets stick in an iPhone 6.... yummy apple smoothies

... and to be fair they simultaneously blend a Samsung too...
have you got a direct link
This is one of those shops normal members of the public aren't allowed in though?!
We bought this from Costco a few weeks ago. It is really good. Have not tried blending an iPhone yet but the kids have been watching the 'will it blend' clips. Aarrrrgh. oO
wtf??!!! is it made out of pure
24ct gold???!!"
I take back what I said it IS worth that much!! Just seen the youtube videos OMG!!
x 50 marbles blended to fine dust!!! hmm I can think of a few things to blend...the neighbours rats- I mean cats!!
I dare say any blender would make a mess of an iPhone. They bend in your pocket to start with
I bought a nutribullet for £100 & only used twice!! Ain't worth it if u ask me
CKEBROWN2212 and to be fair they … and to be fair they simultaneously blend a Samsung too...

Will it bend?

I bought a nutribullet for £100 & only used twice!! Ain't worth it if u … I bought a nutribullet for £100 & only used twice!! Ain't worth it if u ask me

I'm guessing if you spend £250+ on a blender, you probably already have a good idea how much you're going to use it. My wife is gluten and lactose intolerant and a veggie, our Vitamix gets used daily and was well worth the purchase price (although ours was half RRP), and had we not got one, one of these would be high on the shopping list. For kitchen appliances, the warranty usually indicates the expected life span, combine that with Costco's own customer service and you've got a good deal.

Anything other than a Vitamix or Blendtec isn't a blender but a toy.

Excellent price on the blendtec and worth every penny.

Check out Yacon syrup for an excellent natural sweetener.
Did it come with 2 jars or only wild side container?

2 jar version is 299.89 on costco website.
Yep this is the one jar version. Wasn't aware of this when I went to buy, but in all honesty really don't need the smaller one.

So it is very good value if you only want one jar, otherwise the website is better value if you need two.
You did well there, I checked but it's not in the voucher book currently....
Deal now back on in store, this model maybe discontinued now....very the recipe book any good?
It wasn't in the booklet when I found the original deal for some reason. However, I received an updated booklet for last month and they'd taken an extra £20 off the price above. Good deal if you really want one.
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