Blingstring Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights with 120 LED Bulbs £13.49 delivered @ Amazon UK.

Blingstring Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights with 120 LED Bulbs £13.49 delivered @ Amazon UK.

Found 28th Nov 2012
Tip 1: The batteries included are 2x generic unbranded Ni-MH AA100mAh 1.2V ones but replace them with better higher capacity ones & they will last longer.

Tip 2: There are 3 battery bays available internally but 2 are already occupied by the batteries above but anyone with some electrical/electronics soldering skills may be able to add the spare bay for more extra power capacity. You'll need some extra battery contact plates + tiny bit of wiring.

Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights are perfect for anyone wanting to put up fairy lights anywhere outside without the hassle of installing an electricity supply. Simply position the solar panel in an area that gets unobstructed daylight, place your lights and wait until dark. At night the Blingstring’s turn on automatically for up to 10 hours in your favourite mode before turning off automatically at dawn.

Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights represent great value for money by delivering brightness and reliability that was previously only available at twice the price!

Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights can be installed in a matter of minutes by using the 2 simple mounts that come with your lights. The wall mount gives you the option to fix the solar panel to fences, walls, decking or roofs. The stake gives you the option to place your solar panel in your lawn, flower bed or plant pots.

Blingstring’s are completely solar powered. During the day the suns rays are absorbed by the Blingstring’s Solar Panel which charges the rechargeable AA batteries included with your lights. After dark the AA rechargeable batteries power the lights for up to 10 hours before charging up again the following day. AA rechargeable batteries are easily replaceable after several years use and widely available from most supermarkets. Blingstring’s are fully weather resistant and use the same amount of power as a typical TV remote control making them safe to use outside in all weather conditions.

Blingstrings are bright, reliable, simple to use and safe. Everything you need is included in the box and absolutely no DIY skills are needed to install the lights.
2 lighting modes allow you to choose between having all the bulbs constantly on, or all bulbs flashing.

Box Contains
Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights - 120 LED Bulbs
2 × AA rechargeable battery (installed)
1 × wall mount
1 × stake mount
2 × screws
2 × wall plugs
Full instructions
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The problem with these is not the battery capacity as such - it is the inability of the solar panels to put enough charge into the batteries to last a reasonable time after dark in the winter months. I have had several sets and, even after adding additional solar panels (3 x capacity) and bigger capacity batteries they still only manage a couple of hours in the winter (apart from the rare full day of sun!)

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