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Blink Outdoor 4-Camera System + Blink Video Doorbell | HD Smart Security + Sync Module 2, Alexa Enabled £135.99 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)

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Cheapest it's ever been according to the camels

3 camera system plus doorbell and sync 2 module £109.99

(thanks to @Donal_Mallon for this info)

Amazon seem to have made an error in the description here

  • This bundle includes 4 Blink Outdoor Security Cameras, 1 Blink Video Doorbell and Sync Module 2

Don't think it includes the Sync 2 but certainly worth taking up with Amazon after you've received the bundle, if you catch my drift

UPDATE: Thanks to @ Nicolidus for this info

28 s ago

All the camera system packs contain the sync module. Only the add-on camera comes without it. No mistake by Amazon, it’s definitely there. Thanks to @Nicolidus for this info

  • This bundle includes 4 Blink Outdoor Security Cameras, 1 Blink Video Doorbell and Sync Module 2
  • Blink Outdoor is a wire-free battery-powered HD security camera that helps you monitor your home day or night with infrared night vision.
  • With long-lasting battery life, Blink Outdoor runs for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries (included).
  • Blink Outdoor is built to withstand the elements to help you protect your home indoors or out, come rain or shine.
  • Get alerts when motion is detected or someone presses Blink Video Doorbell. Connect to existing doorbell wiring or pair with a Sync Module to engage live view and two-way audio on demand.
  • Choose to save and share clips in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with the Sync Module 2 and USB drive (sold separately).

Amazon More details at

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64504-LqNl2.jpg Blink Outdoor makes home monitoring simple Blink Outdoor offers two-year battery life and is built to withstand the elements so you can protect your home, indoors or outdoors, day and night.

64504-LWmaQ.jpg Powerful two-year battery life With Blink’s proprietary chip technology, Blink Outdoor runs on two AA lithium batteries that last up to two years so you can see what’s happening in and around your home without the stress of frequent battery replacement.

Works with Alexa Go hands free with Alexa. Stream live video, play recorded clips, arm and disarm your camera, be alerted to motion and more.

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  1. Shadowfax's avatar
    Just to confirm 100%. You do NOT need to pay a subscription for local storage using the USB module. Not sure why people are saying that has changed. It hasn't. (edited)
    _Sparky_'s avatar
    Same for me, I have the 3 camera kit and recording to USB works a treat.
  2. Cocola's avatar
    Read their recent reviews!!!
    Nicolidus's avatar
    They all talk about the recently introduced subscription? The sync module lets you connect a usb flashdrive so it records locally. I’m not seeing your over-punctuated point?
  3. Cookymonsterman's avatar
    Wow that seems like a cracking deal, not sure I would have the need for 4 cameras personally, but others might have a use.
    Donal_Mallon's avatar
    I believe you can drop it down to 3 camera's and still get everything else for £109.99. Maybe someone else can confirm but all the rest seems the same to me
  4. Gorskar's avatar
    Has anyone managed to get the doorbell working with wired power by the way? Its got terminals on the back for it - but despite putting it as a straight drop in for the wired Ring doorbell (with a 20V transformer connected to the doorbell wiring) it said insufficient power. So Its working just off the batteries I assume.

    Normally video doorbells tend to be more responsive when they have a constant power source (from the doorbell wiring) - so I was hoping the wired power would make it a bit quicker to respond (on the batteries its ok, but could be better)
    SamJHW's avatar
    No, I also tried to connect to powered with a 20v transformer but couldn't get it working.

    AFAIK it only works off batteries with UK wiring, I believe it's designed for the US where doorbells are wired into mains/higher power? The terminals can be used to wire it to existing chime.

    You could try to play with the settings
  5. TitaniumC's avatar
    I have this system and I'm very happy with it. No subscription, clips record to USB stick which I can then view on the app, I'm alerted when the doorbell is pressed or a camera motion is detected and overall I think the picture quality is very good. Heat from me.
  6. Nicolidus's avatar
    All the camera system packs contain the sync module. Only the add-on camera comes without it. No mistake by Amazon, it’s definitely there.
  7. Carlybill's avatar
    So how do you use a USB to record???.
    TECHSPEC's avatar
    Just shuv a usb stick in the sync module. (edited)
  8. savsac29's avatar
    There are always deals on these cameras, which makes me think, are they any good.
  9. TECHSPEC's avatar
    Not the best and they struggle to connect to my mesh WiFi at times. Customer service none existent - if you have a fault best demanding refund from Amazon. I got a years free alerts with video clips, but now their wanting £9 a month off me for that.

    But i love being able to put them anywhere, inside or out, and motion detection warns me of intruders. Sometimes though, it's just the sun rising and setting that triggers it. Battery life very good.

    Not the greatest night vision, and motion sensor wudn't work for me though glass.

    Sensitivity of motion, infra red and picture quality can all be adjusted for each camera in the app.

    Despite the failings, I bought another set. I paid £15 more, but got a free echo show. They cud be better though, especially if paying full price. (edited)
    Anewchange's avatar
    Do you only use live footage?
    Do you not have a sync module?
  10. kainechris83's avatar
    Shocking picture quality 😔
  11. edz1969's avatar
    What’s the best usb stick to get for this system please
  12. nathan18k's avatar
    How is the picture quality?
    Let’s say compared to Ring video doorbell (1080p) or the Yi outdoor camera (1080p)?

    Are you able to see faces clearly let’s say from 4m height?
    Heyhey1247's avatar
    Average at best in the day, night vision is garbage
  13. fifthcolumn's avatar
    An extra £20 being added to the price when I add it to the basket?
    SamJHW's avatar
    Wait until they try forcing you to pay the extra £100 a year subscription
  14. Heyhey1247's avatar
    Not worth it unless you have grandfathered cloud plan
    RoivaZ's avatar
    Grandfathered plan....The only reason we have stuck with Blink -- adding new cameras is so much worse these days, known issue with WiFi 5hz. We recently added a floodlight camera because of car theft and it took forever. Back in 2019 it took hardly any time to do an entire house-worth of camera linking
  15. joolsvern72's avatar
    Is the doorbell wire free (battery powered)?
  16. Jo_.B's avatar
    Cameras take normal batteries. To much faff.
  17. dcx_badass's avatar
    Tempting but still can't get over how useless it is without a subscription. It won't record whilst you're watching liveview. So you can watch yourself be burgled but then not have a recording of it.
    Robdataff's avatar
    That's not what the members above are saying. Do you have the sync2 module, or are your cameras standalone?
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