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Hidden Gems 3 Bundle £1.15 on Bundlestars
Found 9th Dec 2014Found 9th Dec 2014
Hidden Gems 3 Bundle £1.15 on Bundlestars
3 Beautiful indie games that deserve your attention! Including 1 promising Early Access title, the competitive hack & slash game Skara - The Blade Remains and 2 casual adventur… Read more

Thanks. I'm checking now to see if I have these.

Blink Bundle - Assorted Games Bundle - 9 Games - £3.13
Found 14th Oct 2014Found 14th Oct 2014
Blink Bundle - Assorted Games Bundle - 9 Games - £3.13
Gimbal Residue: Final Cut Trace Vector MURI Unmechanical Type:Rider Mysterious Cities of Gold Space Ark The Howler
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vpn with a Us or Hong Kong paypal address to avoid this charge.


I got charged 21% ontop of the 4.99$ :(


Gimbal Residue: Final Cut Trace Vector MURI Unmechanical Type:Rider The Mysterious Cities of Gold Space Ark The Howler

Zero Gear (Steam) Free @ BlinkBundle
Found 5th Sep 2014Found 5th Sep 2014
Zero Gear (Steam) Free @ BlinkBundle
A few hoops to jump through so use those alt accounts if necessary. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the free game. Game has Trading Cards. Blink Bundle is giving away 35.… Read more

gave up on this - seems to be loads of things trying to access facebook and twitter accounts :(


Thanks Jay, just got it! :)


Got the key thx :D


pressed the button nothing happened :/


They're back!

Something For Everyone Bundle 2 £3.01 @ Blink Bundle
Found 3rd Sep 2014Found 3rd Sep 2014
Something For Everyone Bundle 2 £3.01 @ Blink Bundle
Fantastic new Bundle at Blink Bundle, I don't think any have been bundled before :) Credits to jaystan for finding it but he can't post ATM. Riptide GP2 Aces Wild: Manic Brawling… Read more

Guys if anyone has a leftover key for wazhack im willing to trade it for 2 ref and 3 humble links for the indie 12 bundle


Think he's back though! :p


poor fella, won't get all the heat :)


actually was pretty easy to just put an US delivery address during paypal stage, and avoided the tax


I bought it from someone using my trading card Steam wallet. They must check your address then :(

Trading Cards 2 Bundle - 12 Steam games $4.99 (£3) or 4 for $1.99 (1.50)
Found 17th Jul 2014Found 17th Jul 2014
Trading Cards 2 Bundle - 12 Steam games $4.99 (£3) or 4 for $1.99 (1.50)
Another Trading Card Bundle from Blink Bundle - 12 games for $4.99 or 4 for just $1.99. Given the trading cards there is an opportunity to generate enough funds through Steam trad… Read more

Ah, OK. Thanks.:)


You need to change your paypal digital delivery address to us or hong kong


Thanks - I'll update my original post for accuracy.


get this bought ! you'll make me 21p !!! (co author of canyon capers and rio)


You do on indie gala. Must be different on Blink.

The Embiggened Bundle £1.18 @ BlinkBundle
Found 15th May 2014Found 15th May 2014
The Embiggened Bundle £1.18 @ BlinkBundle
After the horrible decline of the once great Humble over the last months (so sad) lets post the new daddy of bundles :D $1.99 - 1000 Amps - Escape Goat - SOL:Exodus + 1 game to be… Read more

Jagged Alliance Gold also unlocked


The Undergarden unlocked.


I think they are based in the Netherlands and just charge the whole of the EU 21%.


I went for tier 2, just based on Escape Goat and Space Giraffe. Insane games. Not sure how blinkbundle work out their VAT though. 21%?


But now you have 2 new words: embiggen and cromulent!

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The Trading Card Bundle £1.42 @ BlinkBundle
Found 25th Apr 2014Found 25th Apr 2014
The Trading Card Bundle £1.42 @ BlinkBundle
$1.99 / £1.42 - Bad Hotel - Gravity Badgers - Really Big Sky - Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe - To The Moon PLUS 1 UNLOCK $4.99 / £3.50 - Dead Hungry Diner - Ku: Shroud of Morrigan … Read more

The company that made it, released a little game to bridge the gap between the first and second game (soon to be announced) over Christmas :


Accidentally posted this myself since search for "blink" did not show this deal. I've expired my deal though and added some tags to yours :)


I don't think I can face activating another account at the moment. (At the moment I have all the drops done for one account). Best game for me was Ikaruga (Cards paid for the game even at full price due to getting a booster almost straight away and a foil). No idea why somebody would pay about £50 in total for that foil badge.


Heat from me bud, and don't forget to check out the weekly competition :)


what you've worked out there is the worst case scenario, the price won't hot rock bottom on all the cards, there's a chance of foils and boosters, and you can get a better return from savvy trading rather than selling on the market.

The Epic Highborn Bundle £1.20 @ BlinkBundle
Found 18th Mar 2014Found 18th Mar 2014
The Epic Highborn Bundle £1.20 @ BlinkBundle
$1.99 - Clickr (Steam) CARDS - SpaceForce: Rogue Universe (Steam) - Zafehouse: Diaries (Steam) - Unlock $4.99 - Highborn (Steam) - Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (Steam) CARDS w/100% pos… Read more

Blink have now also arranged for the remaining eps to be on sale for Highborn. 66% off 67p each :)


I am really happy to see the other episodes of Winter Voices are 90% off! To be honest, when buying the bundle, I thought it was good value even without the rest of the episodes. Thanks for bringing the steam deal up! :)


From January 2015 Vat has to be charged in the country from which something is bought. (So it will drop by 1%).


Physical and Digital items have different laws.


£1.36 bargain

The Hidden Gems Bundle £1.19 @ BlinkBundle
Found 20th Feb 2014Found 20th Feb 2014
The Hidden Gems Bundle £1.19 @ BlinkBundle
For a minimum payment of $1.99 you get: Blue Toad Murder Files Vox Mutant Storm Reloaded Bonus Game For a minimum payment of $4.99 you also get: King Arthur's Gold Legends o… Read more

Sparkle 2 Evo added


Bumbledore steam key added


£2.98 for KAG and Little Racers Street seems like a bargain, have some heat!


Unfortunately the other bundles have started doing that too. Humbles store now charges in pounds, indie gala adds vat and bundle stars has already added vat as that charges in pounds :(


Why did it cost me $6.04 instead of $4.99.. its not much extra but still. EDIT: oh VAT grr other bundles don't do that

Blink Bundle (5-12 Steam Games) £1.20 @BlinkBundle
Found 30th Jan 2014Found 30th Jan 2014
Blink Bundle (5-12 Steam Games) £1.20 @BlinkBundle
For a minimum payment of $1.99 you get: Gnomoria (Steam) Sideway New York (Steam) Archon Classic (Steam) Light of Altair (Steam) I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream (Steam) F… Read more

Astro Tripper added and they are no longer increasing the price for 2nd week buyers :)


Another one for my son as I already have it


I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream was just added to this bundle.


I'm going to have to investigate why My games count went down or rather stayed the same after installing these.


i dont get how you guys are doing this as you cant add a US address to your UK paypal account