Blitz: The League 2  /  TNA Impact! / Legendary (X Box 360) / Guild Wars Factions (PC) all £7.73 each + Free Delivery @ The Hut

Blitz: The League 2 / TNA Impact! / Legendary (X Box 360) / Guild Wars Factions (PC) all £7.73 each + Free Delivery @ The Hut

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Found 2nd Jul 2009
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As the sequel to the more than one million unit selling and award-winning football experience, BLITZ: THE LEAGUE II continues the franchise legacy as the ultimate alternative to the watered-down, licensed competition. In addition to an all-new story mode penned by Peter Egan (ESPN's Playmakers), BLITZ: THE LEAGUE II features include: Precision-Aim Tackles, player-controlled touchdown celebrations, an enhanced on-the-field Clash Mode, online multiplayer capabilities, expanded rosters with all-new personalities, and the return of a cornerstone of the Blitz franchise...Late Hits! Football legend Lawrence Taylor returns as the game's cover-athlete and star linebacker for the New York Nightmare, Quentin Sands, along with a star-studded supporting cast.


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TNA Impact! Xbox 360 ]HERE

Live the bone crushing intensity one fight at a time with TNA, TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION.

All the antics. All the energy and the drama COME SMASHING onto your console.

Featuring a range of TNA talent including Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe AND Christian Cage. If you're not seeing stars, you'll be one.

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Legendary Xbox 360 ]HERE
Deep within the dusty basement of a New York museum lies mythology's most infamous artifact: Pandora's Box. When rogue art thief Charles Deckard is tasked with stealing the box, he accidentally opens it and releases mythological creatures we though were fiction.
Now, giant griffons rule the skies, ravenous werewolves stalk the streets, and Deckard is left branded with a signet that is the secret to man's salvation. With the aid of a clandestine paramilitary force, he must fight to steal the door between reality and myth once more or face the fall of civilization, torn apart by the tooth and claw of legend.

-Multiplayer lets you destroy your enemy with firepower or the tooth and claw of monster AI.
-Dynamic environments crumble, sky-scrapers collapse, civilization falls
-Take on savage werewolves, fearsome griffons and other dangerous creatures.

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Guild Wars Factions PC ]HERE
In A Land Divided, Unity Is Power.
Across a sea of jade lies a world torn asunder by the hatred of two warring nations.
To those who would proceed take heed... All must choose a side.
- A Brave New Adventure: Discover a revolutionary new type of game-play: Choose your allegiance, forge alliances and lead your guild to fight for territory control and faction glory.
- Exciting New Content: Explore vast lands, master new professions, and unleash deadly new skills and weapons against fearsome monsters.
- Online Gaming, No Fees: Play online with no subscription fees, connecting to the secure Guild Wars servers.
- Replayable Challenge Missions: Become an alliance champion. Replay missions to earn the ultimate reward based on your speed, skills and damage inflicted.
- Exclusive Two-sided Poster.
- Collectable Guild Wars Factions Game Activation Card.


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