Blockbuster Get a 5 week trial for £1

Blockbuster Get a 5 week trial for £1

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Blockbuster is the ultimate movie destination of choice for movie fans, providing you with an effortless and convenient way to rent DVDs from the comfort of your own home.

With Blockbuster online rental, all you need to do is choose your film, receive it in the post for free, watch it, then send it back for free.

Blockbuster are now offering a 5 week trial for only £1. New customers only redeem coupon "MOREMOVIES"


I've swtched to them from Tesco DVD rental (Lovefilm) a couple of months ago and find them very slow at turning around DVDs and don't think I've ever had one of my top 3 films...

Although you can get exclusive titles with Blockbuster, I'd still not recomend them over Tesco (Lovefilm).

I've had blockbuster for a long time, great service and quick turnaround AND no-hassle canceling! Can't say I ever got that with Lovefilm. Wonder if I can cancel and start a new account with a different email and use this offer?

been on and off with lovefilm, great deal will gill em a try

just finished free trial with lovefilm so will give these a go to compare, worth a go for £1

Seems a bit of a cheek to ask me to pay for a 'trial'

I'm with them now with the 1 month trial for £1. It is a very slow turnaround. For example: I received 2 dvds on Thursday 30th, returned them in Fridays post. It took until the next Thursday 7th for me to receive 1 disk the other arrived on Friday 8th. Thank god I'm not paying or they'd be getting an angry phone call.

They are good at getting your top listed ones out though, Lovefilm always sent the least popular disks first.

Cancelling i find a pain, as you have to phone them up, you can't cancel online.

Will use this 5 week code when my month runs up. Cheers op.

I've tried both Lovefilm and Blockbuster, your choice depends on what's important to you - fast turnaround, or top choice discs.

I agree with tylah3, turnaround at Blockbuster is very slow. On the plus side, though, you usually get your top discs, whereas Lovefilm rarely send the top choice, though their turnaround is quick.

I've had lots of damaged discs with Lovefilm, too, but none so far with Blockbuster. Plus they have some exclusive titles.

There doesn't seem to be a perfect online renter out there which does everything well!

I had pretty decent turnaround but cancelling was a chore.

Not too bad but it did involve waiting for like 5 minutes on a pay-line before someone picked up to let me cancel which I'm assuming is intentional to make money. Its an 0845 number and its the only way to cancel.

i've been using these lot for the last six weeks. i got the month for £1 with £12 quidco deal. In six weeks ive not received one new/recent release. Now that ive had True Blood series 1&2 and a few older films i've mostly got new releases in my list. Im not expecting to get any of my top 5 at the moment. Hopefully they will surprise me but as a former LoveFilm user, im not holding my breath!

An alternative DVD rental deal ( 2 disk unlimited) here:…75/

Tesco have Matchmakers at 99p, so effectively 2 months for that price, plus a box of Matchmakers.

Can't really comment on how good Empire Rental will be as I only just joined. However, the first 2 disks they are sending were not on my priority list. They also don't have Kick Ass to rent - some issue with the distributors apparently - pity as it was one of the movies I wanted to get.
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