Blockbuster Sale
Blockbuster Sale

Blockbuster Sale

Blockbuster have a pre-owned sale on at the moment theres a few topics saying a few games but heres one with all the ones i seen today

Far Cry 2
Star Wars: TFU
Dead Space
Tiger Woods 09
PES 2009

Fifa 09
Fable 2
need for speed undercover

Battefield: Bad Company
Ninja Gaiden II
Too Human
Beijing 2008
Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Mass Effect
Alone in the Dark
Medal of Honor : Airborne
Raibow 6 Vegas
Kane & Lynch
Need for Speed: Prostreet
Dead Rising

Fifa 08
Assassins Creed


Add Medal of Honor : Airborne to the £7.99 ones along with Dead Rising...picked them up the other day in Cardiff

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Added them mate

add motorstorm to the £4.99 list as picked up this week, lucky to find myself a platinum copy in the pile.

im also sure need for speed undercover is in the £14.99 list as well.

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Added i also did notice need for speed to.

Not sure why this is cold. i think there are good prices


gears of war 2 is £19.99 in my local blockbuster

Probs cold cos its been posted loads of times. Little big planet £14.99, Metal Gear Solid 4 (can't remember if it was mentioned or not) £12.99, Gran Turismo £7.99,.

I'll try to remember the others

Condemed 2 on 360 is £7.99

Little Big Planet was still £35 preowned a couple of weeks ago, when the sale was on. Have they inclded it now?

Picked up Call of Duty 4 Collectors Edition for £17.99 in sale. (pre-owned). Awesome

overlord 7.99
dmc4 7.99

xbox 360

Few more to add to the list

Xbox 360

Saints Row £4.99
GTA 4 £7.99
PGR4 £7.99
Dirt £7.99
Virtua Tennis 3 £7.99
Orange Box £12.99
Pes 6 £1.99
Fifa RTFWC £1.99

Pes 2008 £7.99
Virtua Tennis 3 £7.99

Thanks of for the list

To add pre-owned PS3:
Mercenaries 2 £17.99 (£17.99 new HMV online or £15 new as part of 2 for £30 HMV instore)
Quantum Of Solace £14.99
Need For Speed: Carbon £12.99
Viking £12.99
FIFA Street 3 £12.99 £14.99 new)
Metal Gear Solid 4 £12.99
Everybodys Golf World Tour £12.99
Iron Man £12.99
Formula One Championship Edition £12.99
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix £7.99
Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 £7.99
NBA 2K7 £7.99
NHL 2K7 £7.99
UEFA Euro 2008 £7.99
Fear £7.99
Conan £7.99
Folklore £7.99
Tiger Woods 07 £7.99
Resistance Fall Of Man £7.99
Surfs Up £4.99

This is a great list, you should keep it updated. Heat & rep added. I think Halo 3 was £7.99 as well.

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Some good games going.

Recommend you also check out Gamestation’s new
2 for £20 pre-owned instore promotion
just in case

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They are mostly the £4.99 ones listed in blockbuster.

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Bring it up before the sale's over.
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