Blockbusters golden ticket 6/7 movie/game rentals for £4.99
Blockbusters golden ticket 6/7 movie/game rentals for £4.99

Blockbusters golden ticket 6/7 movie/game rentals for £4.99

Buy forBuy forBuy for£4.99
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This was on last year now back great deal print the voucher take into store pay £4.99 and get 7 vouchers for movie or game rentals to use within 60 days.

Corrct link in post 5 thanks to maxidid

I got a golden ticket in the post with a few other vouchers i think it is usally close to £4.99 just for 1 game rental so to get 7 for this is great you can mix and match game and movie rentals. It says on my voucher use before 31st of oct 2010 to get the extra rental so 7 not 6. i believe but somebody please correct me if im wrong that game rentals are for 7 nights and movies are for 2 nights but some movies are for longer.
Hope this helps some people as i use this site ofter and dont usally find much to post myself.


I cant seem to see the voucher,where is the link??

I've used the ticket before, it's good. So hot and thanks for posting. But is there a direct link to the voucher?

Link doesn't go to vouchers?

cant get them following link?????????????

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click here
The link above is now a direct link with no expire date
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just print the voucher and take instore i know it has no barcode but it does say print and take instore on the voucher so as i have seen before they may have the voucher barcode at the till anyway
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cheers Chris! Appreciated.

Cheers Chris, I'll use this for games - in true bender stylee I prefer to get my films from usenet

Great Offer.

so is this an old voucher or have they just made a mistake with the date on the voucher?

just printed the golden ticket, but theres no bar code on the page, therefore this wont work in store, as they need to scan it for this to work?? any ideas, i just called my local store and they said the same, there has to be a barcode there for them to scan??

Good deal this, just got a PS3 so will be a good chance to try some games out!!


thank you

has anyone actually got a store to accept this?


has anyone actually got a store to accept this?

I just called my local BB and she said only people who havent used their account in a while getting this email. Gutted as this would save such a lot of money

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when i went in last year i have a printed one with no barcode and the casher had a little book of offer barcodes on the till she flicked through them and had the one for this she scanned it and i got a book of 7 vouchers maybe worth checking with your local first.

Just phoned Torquay store. They havnt got any of the vouchers issue. God deal if anyone can manage to swing it.

used the voucher last time cheers op

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leecroot wont let me quote so i suggest people ring tomorrow or even monday as i only got the golden ticket today so maybe the booklets have not reached the stores yet

Not looking good!

Thought this was a postal only thing.

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Love this

heat added....looking alright for me!

I did this last year , great deal . I know all the staff in my local store (i feed them at lunchtimes!) so although i occasionally rent they may swing it for me to work .

I got mine in the post


I got a golden ticket.....................la la la la la la la

Looks like a top deal. Blu-Rays here I come.

Used this last year to get PS3 games, excellent deal thanks Op x

Hi all,

I'm an Assistant Manager for a Blockbuster, this voucher is the same as last year, unfortunately the system has changed since the last time this promotion was done. Each Golden Ticket now has a barcode on the back of the voucher in which we need to scan to activate the deal. Each golden ticket is personalised to an account so we can't go activating these on alot of accounts. I'd be hard pressed to find a store which will accept this. Sorry.

I had a voucher though the post yesterday :). Will be catching up on my film viewing !

No wonder blockbuster is going bankrupt

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No wonder blockbuster is going bankrupt

I agree if they made this a normal price (ok maybe 4 rentals for £5) im sure they would be much more busy

I got mine in the post,and reedemed it in store at coventry.
previously you could print the vouchers off, they then hand you a book of vouchers. However this time around i handed my postal voucher in and they electronically loaded 7 discounted dvd rentals onto my account, no paper vouchers this time around, so fine by me,.
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