Blood Pressure Monitor  £9.99@ Aldi

Blood Pressure Monitor £9.99@ Aldi

Found 18th Sep 2009
Keep a close eye on your blood pressure as a measure of your overall health.

* LCD display
* Shows systolic, diastolic and pulse value
* Oscillometric measuring range Pressure: 30-280 mmHg
* Pulse: 40-199 beats per minute
* Accuracy Pressure: 3 mmHg
* Pulse: 4%
* 60 memories (date/time)
* Auto air release control valve
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Sounds good. Asda do an easy to use Omron BP monitor at £10 also
Has been £10 at Asda for ages
wow lets all trust Aldi for important medical testing

wow lets all trust Aldi for important medical testing

Well, I know what you are saying, but seeing these are known to be not THAT accurate, (I thought everyone accepted that about ANY wrist machine?) , they do however show change and trend. I used to have an old fashioned manual aneroid sphyg, but it bust, and I now only have one of these - but I haven't rushed to buy a new better machine as the figures on mine CLOSELY agree with my GP's rather swish gear, and no-one takes ANY action on a single BP reading anyway!

So, if I was to get a repeated reading well up or well down from the previous levels, then I would pop in to the surgery and check it on the one in the waiting area, BEFORE I panic and make an appointment for a proper assessment!
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