Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor £9.99!! @ B&M Retail

Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor £9.99!! @ B&M Retail

Found 10th Nov 2010
In store Zen Strong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Also checks your heart rate.

Power: DC 3V (AAA x 2)
Range: 20 to 280 mm/Hg
Accuracy: +/-3mm/Hg
Pulse: +/-5%
Weight: 140g
Size: 70 x 68 x 60mm
Memory: 60 sets

Bought one myself!

Electrically operated by battery (2 x AAA).


same price in Lloyds, tbh I think its around the price they have been for some time

Wrist machines are not very accurate, bit of a knack to use as you need to elevate your wrist and arm to the exact same level as your heart to use properly.

Recommend one of the standard type arm machines, (the upper arm is ALWAYS at the level of your heart!) but make sure the cuff fits the people who are to use it. Lloyds do models which allow you to select the proper cuff size,. usually sensibly priced too. eg this one (but not as cheap ss some offers they have had!)…ix=
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