Bloodbath Shower Curtains £4.49 + Free Delivery @ Play

Bloodbath Shower Curtains £4.49 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Scare your friends and family by hanging one of these in your bathroom!

A truly terrifying accessory for your bathroom when the shower curtain is scrunched closed, it looks like a pleasant, safe and normal shower curtain. But upon opening, what should confront you but the scene of a massacre, a blood bath!

Great for all you movie fanatics and slasher horror film freaks who love nothing more than a quiet night in with 10 litres of red corn syrup. All you Hitchcock fans can act the part in the movies from the warmth and comfort of your steaming shower.

Why not stitch up your guests and see if they dare pull back the curtain to check that there worst nightmare is not lurking in the shadowy recesses of your bath.

The curtain measures approx 180 cm x 180 cm


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awesome lol


These are great, can get the matching bath mat as well, had them out for halloween last year

sweeet! And the gf would hate it (even better!) lol

We got one of these a while back, excellent price now.

The last time this was posted the user had this as the photo

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if only the blood became visable when wet

Those are awesome !

ours went moldy along the bottom after a few months

Steve-O 2008

ours went moldy along the bottom after a few months

All shower curtains go moldy . dirty after a while , simply wash !!!!!!!!!!! (They do get damp)

not as fast as this one does and because its fabric it had like stained / marked it...
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