Bloodborne: The Card Game - £27.49 -

Bloodborne: The Card Game - £27.49 -

Found 24th Apr 2017
This is a good £6 or £7 cheaper than you can buy it on eBay for (also imported from the US). It's around £49 on and I can't see it cheaper anywhere else. Looks like a fantastic price.

Great for the collectors.

Players will enter the chalice Dungeon together as a team, striving to destroy the Monstrous denizens within, but eventually all partnerships come to an end. In blood borne: the card game, 3 to 5 hunters work together to get through the dungeon and collect yharnam's blood before facing off against the horrible final boss. Hunters engage in battle with monsters, secretly selecting an action card to play simultaneously. Discussion is allowed, even encouraged, but players aren't bound by any promise they make. As they advance deeper into the Dungeon, they will collect the blood of their fallen opponents. If the team can survive the final boss, the Hunter with the most Trophies will be named the Victor.

Price includes postage and any additional tax
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I just bought one. Thanks!

I just bought one. Thanks!

Awesome. Glad it helped you out
Thank you so much!

I've been hovering over the uk version with the extortionate shipping charge. ordered this and the dark souls board game!
This is actually an alright game. It's a co-op game, as in you're taking on the dungeon/boss together, but there can be only one winner, so you're still trying to do better than the people you're working with!

I stayed away from the Dark Souls board game as it seemed like a massive cash grab from a hardly known games designer. But the Bloodborne game has Eric Lang behind it, which coupled with the theme seemed like a winner, which it was.

GBP 27.49 to ship to uk

Damn, how was that not mentioned in the title! oO
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Is this the PC Master Race edition?

Is this the PC Master Race edition?

​Nope. It's the Xbox Port Edition.
Ordered, many thanks!
Does it run at 60FPS? (_;)
ordered too, brilliant find ☺
I doubt it'll be any cheaper than that when it's finally released here.
Great price, cheers!
i heard it still suffers from long load times and dips in framerate. cold.........
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