Bloodsport 1-3 Box Set - £4.97 (Pre-order??)

Bloodsport 1-3 Box Set - £4.97 (Pre-order??)

Found 1st Jun 2007
While every store has this deal at pretty much the same price, I'm sure Van Damme fans will understand why I'm posting it - It's fairly hard to find now. Getting 2 of the 4 sequels (the 4th is said to define terrible anyway...) thrown in with the rare original for £5 is excellent value for money.…htm - Aside from Quidco, it's pretty much up to you who you pick to order from. I had a quick look to see if there were any voucher floating about for stuff this luck.


This film is based on events in the life of Frank Dux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), an American who sought to become the champion of a secret, dangerous martial arts contest called Kumite. While Dux searches through the streets of Hong Kong for the underground arena where the event is being held, he must outfox U.S. agents who want him to work for the government instead of entering the competition. The exciting climax of the film is the Kumite itself, when Dux faces the imposing, undefeated Chong Li--who's not above cheating....

Bloodsport II features some of the most exciting martial arts action ever captured on film. Bloodsport II tells the story of Alex (Daniel Bernhardt) a talented street fighter and pretty thief, who is imprisoned for stealing an ancient ceremonial sword from the wealthy businessman Leung....

Bloodsport III brings us back to the world of Alex Cardo (Daniel Bernhardt) As dynamic as ever, Alex is again thrudt against his will into the dark and dangerous world of the Kumite. The Kumite is the ultimate contest where a fight to the death is commonplace. This time Alex must fight against the vicious warrior known as The Kumite Beast...
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Voted hot for the original Bloodsport (which I already own) - it's a Van Damme classic that I watched tonnes of times when I was younger.

Nowadays the likes of Tony Jaa and Jet Li are the ones leading the martial arts movie scene...
Bloodsport ruled back in the day. I remember going down to a mates house to watch it numerous times. By the way r u jackson, u look like jackson :-D
My local pound shop a while back were selling copies of one of the latter bloodsport films on DVD-can't remember if it was the second one or the third one....

Good deal.
Poundshop had 2, 3 and 4 for a quid each.

First one was a classic. Chong Li and Paco.

The spanish fighter who Chong Li broke the leg off went on to play Tong Po in Kickboxser.
Look at it like this - You're spending £2.97 on one of the best martial art flicks of all time. For £2 extra (assuming poundland still has a few copies) you get added entertainment in the form of 2 sequels in a 3 DVD box set.

I just see 2 and 3 as something thrown in to get people to buy, so it doesn't matter to me if the other Bloodsport films have gone for £1 in the past. :thumbsup:
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