Blooming Marvellous Clearance

Blooming Marvellous Clearance

Found 10th Mar 2009Made hot 11th Mar 2009
New lines added to the up to 75% off:

Maternity from £3.99
Nursery up to 75%
Baby Clothing from 99p


arent they going into adminisrtation?

Prices Real Good Voted Hot

they did disappear, but on their website, under the customer refunds link (from home page), it says they are under new management

"Blooming marvellous is now under new management and will honour refunds on all orders placed on or after 29th January 2009."

All the baby clothes I clicked on were out of stock. Got there too late, lol. x

I had a bad experience with Christmas presents bought from them and then they went in to administration. I would keep away personally

They have gone into administration, and disappeared from 23rd December until 28th January. They came back and are not honouring any returns or exchanges or orders prior to 28/01/2009.
Massive swear words from me. I ordered from them in November, £126 maternity clothes, they did not fit and I returned them in the specified time. Beginning December.
I heard nothing, nothing at all and no refund. They accepted my return presumably (would have been more polite to return to sender as they had no intention of refunding me) my return cost me £8.50 at the post office.
They then disappeared. NOt a word to their customers, nothing.
Then in January, they reappear, sending me an invite to their sale. So I phoned their hotline asking what they were playing at, the one girl manning the phones (who said she was not being paid) said that anything prior to Jan 28th had to go via the administrators. I have emailed them 4 times, during the first week of Feb and yet again surprise surprise, no reply.
Basically the prices maybe cheap, but a) their customer service is disgusting. b) their staff claim to not be being paid and c) should they disappear again, their is absolutely no guarantee you will get your goods/returns/refunds.
It seems disgusting to me, that they have accepted back my return, not refunded me, and are reselling the items in their sale! (And inviting me to shop).....

That would explain why our finance team are blooming mad at their unpaid invoices. We told nuttin at werk!

Some ok prices here, so heated up...
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