Blow   -  DVD   -   Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz   -  £2.99  Delivered

Blow - DVD - Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz - £2.99 Delivered

Found 10th Jul 2007
This was posted last month but now price back down to £2.99

Really good price for this excellent movie.

George Jung (Johnny Depp) doesn't want to live like his father (Ray Liotta)--always short of money, and always berated by his mother. So, he sets off for California, to live on the beach. George finds he can make a living selling drugs. One day he learns he could make more money by shipping drugs across the country. So, he does. Needing a bigger supply of drugs, he goes to Columbia, finds his way to Medellin, and meets Pablo Escobar (Cliff Curtis). George stumbles into becoming the biggest trafficker of cocaine in the U.S.

In BLOW, director Ted Demme and scriptwriters Nick Cassevetes and David McKenna chart George's strange course into a world of girls and sun, drugs and fun. It's all so easy. But, maybe one day George will run into trouble with other dealers, or the police. Depp gives one of his best performances as George. And Demme's eccentric but successful casting includes German actress Franka Potente as George's girlfriend; Spanish actress Penelope Cruz as his wife; Australian actress Rachel Griffiths giving a withering performance as his mother; and Paul Reubens giving a beautifully judged performance as a hairdresser-cum-drug dealer.


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Some good extras on this disc.

Special Features
Audio Commentary By Director Ted Demme
Interview With George Jung
Production Diary
Deleted Scenes
Music Video
"Cocaine's Impact On Columbia" Documentary
"Addiction: Body And Soul" Documentary
Widescreen 2.35:1

Also instore.

Picked it up few weeks ago. Good movie.

This was on TV a few night ago, couldn't be bothered to watch it.

you missed a treat, brilliant film, think ill order myself one right now!


you missed a treat, brilliant film, think ill order myself one right now!

Might watch it next time it comes on tv then, thanks :thumbsup:

One of the most drawn out 'non-stories' I have ever watched. Cheap? Yes but it needs to be.

I saw it on TV the other night (Channel 4) was very good, kept me watching I wouldnt buy it on DVD, but worth a viewing. Mr Depp, is a superb actor
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