Blox City Airport Large Set free c&c £7.00 at Wilkos

Blox City Airport Large Set free c&c £7.00 at Wilkos

Found 17th Dec 2015
Check-in and get ready for an exciting journey ahead with the 400 piece Blox city airport! Air traffic control are in the airport tower, making sure your plane leaves on time...

The set includes all you need to build the airport with vehicles, pilot, airport staff and passenger figures.

With Blox, see what else you can build - you don't just have to follow the instructions, set your imagination free to see what else you can create! Blox construction kits have been designed to work together with the leading brand.
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good find op, heat added
I normally vote hot for Wilko blox stuff as the quality has improved in recent years and some of the set designs are very good now but this one is pretty poor I'm sorry to say. Surprised it got this hot to be honest when better sets have gone cold. The pirate ship, tank, space rocket, interstellar space ship and artic lorries are all decent sets but this one isn't so great. Still a good price but the good clone lego stuff saves you money without compromising on quality and design and this set is severely lacking in the latter department.

I didn't vote either way.
Edited by: "fatdeeman" 17th Dec 2015
I totally agree the quality is awful my son got one of these sets for Xmas and its really bad can't even put it together it just falls apart!
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