Blox Space Rocket And Launch Tower 720 Piece! Half Price £12 Free C&C @ Wilko

Blox Space Rocket And Launch Tower 720 Piece! Half Price £12 Free C&C @ Wilko

Found 17th Dec 2015
This is a great price for a 720 piece set and the quality of the bricks is very respectable for the money and the design of the set as you can see is really very good, the rocket and launch complex are cool and there's a satellite payload and a little truck to transport it to the launch pad. There's even a communications mast...or is it a lightning conductor? (even cooler!)

Wilko, like many other brand names have sets made for them by Chinese manufacturers and "Compatible" building bricks are not made equal and quality both in terms of finish and design varies immensely between different manufacturers. Sometimes even the same company can have alarmingly variable quality, if you search "sluban" on aliexpress you will see some sets that are laughably poor while other more recent ones feature exceptional design.

A truly decent "clone" set will save you money while still delivering in terms of quality and design and at £12 this set really hits the sweet spot, it looks awesome and is fun to build with some interesting "technic" elements and the quality of the pieces while not up to lego standards is still very decent.

Wilko blox were terrible a few years back but some of this year's sets are really very good and this one is my personal favorite.
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Note the rubber tyres, usually you get solid plastic on these cheap sets.
Excellent bought along with a few others on offer. Thank you
My son gets really annoyed with this brand,the pieces kind of pop off unlike lego. Wouldn't recommend.
Likewise. The pieces are awful. Dont expect them to stay together for more than 30 seconds. Frustrating make. Avoid it. Unless you plan to super glue the pieces together as you go...
Haven't had any problems with mine, decent brick quality and good clutch strength, not too tight or loose. How strange!
My kid finds that the Blox stuff just doesn't hold together. I binned the space shuttle version of this kit as it just kept falling to pieces. He has a couple of other smaller Blox kits too and they suffer the same strength issues, but the larger kits are a nightmare as they fall apart under their own weight.
The shuttle went out of production several years ago and I even say above that the quality of Wilko sets was terrible a few years back. A deleted set made by a different supplier years ago isn't really a fair basis for comparison...
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