Blu-ray BOGOF instore at HMV
Blu-ray BOGOF instore at HMV

Blu-ray BOGOF instore at HMV

The buy one get one free deal thats going around at the moment through most online stores is now instore at HMV, They have similar titles to amazon but with a few other ones. Works out at about 1 for £8!


I'll have to check this out - normally hmv instore are around £17 per movie.

2 for £8? i think you missed a '1' there.

Is this a joke? I'm going shopping to Livingston, so will check it out.

2 BR discs for £8 at HMV instore. Hmmm. I'll report back later on today.


cant see this happening

last time HMV did BOGOF blu rays they pumped all the prices up to RRP ie £20-30 per disc

Was in my local one yesterday and they had some of the same ones that are on amazon they was £19.99 bogof :thumbsup:

cheapest I found in Doncaster was £18.99 for very old titles..

No offence to OP but this deal sucks big time.

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my bad i mistyped the amount! 1 for £8! still a fair deal for in store hmv

Just back from town. HMV had 1 Blu Ray priced at £8.

COLD, Fffff freezing in fact.

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