[Blu-Ray] House: The Complete Collection Limited Edition [1-4] £34.99 @ HMV

[Blu-Ray] House: The Complete Collection Limited Edition [1-4] £34.99 @ HMV

£34.99HMV Deals
Found 18th Jan 2017
Pre-order, Due 20th March 2017

£60 at Amazon (how do you get them to pricematch?)

I can't speak for 3 & 4 but the first 2 House movies are 2 of the best 80's comedy horror film, and House II is a personal favourite.

House 3 is getting its first uncut release.

Amazon have now pricematched

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Got this and the Phantasm set pre-ordered with Amazon in the hopes they price-match.
It's never lupus.
Massive heat, been waiting for this lower priced!
Thought this was a different kind of House when I clicked X)

It's never lupus.

​Even so, you still need to rule it out before 29 minutes in...
£35 for 4 films? Seems way too much.
Lord vader

£35 for 4 films? Seems way too much.

​same, thought it was Hugh there haha
First one is an absolute classic. Next 3......hmm.
Loved House I, liked House II, hated House III and don't recall if I've ever seen House IV.

Neutral on the price - it might be a substantial discount (compared to Amazon), but it's not exactly good for one great movie and its iffy sequels.
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House three was actually an unrelated film called the horror show I've not seen it since the 80s but I know I kind of enjoyed it for what it was and it was pretty violent. They called it House three in the UK .
I remember winning house four twice in two competitions and it's not good it's a dull film.
I will vote hot on that price though as it's by far the cheapest and it's new release Arrow set so the price seems decent (I did debate whether to get it but I'm cutting back on my spending and I thinkI'd just be paying for the first two really as the others are so-so).
Amazon have now pricematched

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No sale for me. Third and fourth are terrible so I'd be paying £35 for two films. Not only that the Americans get a box set of just the first two as well as this one. I'll wait to see if they're released individually later in the year.
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