Blu-Ray - Robocop (2014) - Zavvi £6.99

Blu-Ray - Robocop (2014) - Zavvi £6.99

Found 31st Dec 2015
Not as great as the original but still a fun and interesting sci-fi flick with some good ideas


I thought it was pretty decent.. Heat from me..

Yes, nothing great but certainly not terrible either, worth a watch.

Thought it was way better than the original.

Film was trash and belongs in poundland.

terrible film. complete mess.


If the original didn't exist I think I would've thoroughly enjoyed this. As it is, I found myself comparing it all the way through. Still good though.

Apart from the first 10 minutes (which showed promise) this was not a good film. Consistently stole ideas and themes from the original whilst adding nothing new and cheapened the name as much as Robocop 3 managed.

It was bound to steal themes and ideas from the original, it was a reboot. If it had nothing in common with the original then it wouldn't have been robocop

The original is still the best. So violent even now
Will get cheaper. Cold

Terrible film

Original Poster

Biggest problem for me was how weak the villains were compared to the original, something that they could hopefully improve with the sequel - should that ever happen

Absolute dog s#it! Awful film
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