Blu-Rays 2 for £20 @!!

Blu-Rays 2 for £20 @!!

Found 31st Jan 2009Made hot 1st Feb 2009
Some decent blu-rays on offer here, some included are:
Casino Royale 2 disc edition
Gandhi Special Edition
The Punisher
Zombie Strippers ;-)
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder
Prom Night
Cirque Du Soleil: corteo
The Pink Panther (2006)
Plus Many More!
ok, these arent to everyones taste but surely it will help someone out?

Once you added the two blu rays fro mthe promo page, any further additions are also only adding on £10, thus making it 3 for £30, etc..
- pav



casion royale 2 disc and close encounters 2 disc for £20

gud price

It's a bit better than that, all subsequent additions are also only adding on £10, so therefore you can get 3 for £30

Just to add, you got to add the items from the promo page, else they come up at full price.

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oh wow, thanks for letting me know about that guys!

Nice find. Blu rays are pretty much all just a tenner now after they've been out a few months :P

Pretty good deal. are doing a 2 blu-rays for £18 (delivered) deal. Not as much choice but a few gems.

nice one just got ps3 so can do with some movies

Good price offer, but a damn poor selection of movies.

Thanks for this - I've been waiting for Zombie Strippers to come down in price so went for that and The Punisher.

Majority of those titles are available from amazon for £10.58 and in the 3 for 2 offer.

A few exception which are quite good.

Same rubbish sony selection though
at least when asda had the 2 for £20 there was a much better selection (transformers)

Kramer vs Kramer is a goodie. Can't find ANYTHING else I want though...

Didn't think much to the Play one, but picked up Rambo and Identity for £17.98 at Not a bad price for 2 good films on blu ray.

Great price for Zombie Strippers if you can find something to go with it...

what is zombie strippers???

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what is zombie strippers???

A B-Movie about strippers that turn into Zombies, i was quite tempted but picked up prom night and the punisher instead, although RAMBO is taking my fancy so i might have to push the boat out and get RAMBO and Zombie Strippers ;-):oops::whistling:
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