Blu-rays £4.50 @ WHSmiths instore
Blu-rays £4.50 @ WHSmiths instore

Blu-rays £4.50 @ WHSmiths instore

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WHSmith has a few £9 Blu-Rays for half price. Instore at Leicester Fosse Park, not sure about everywhere else...

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - £4.50
The Eye - £4.50
Speed Racer - £4.50
Sex and the City - £4.50
Starship Troopers 3 - £4.50
Saw IV - £6
Spiderman 3 - £7.50

There are a bunch of others but can't remember them for the life of me...


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They've got a few of these in the Holborn branch too

This is old, old stock from just after Christmas. Generally the same titles across the board. Very few of these will be left around now.

speed racer is great on blu ray

i really want forgetting sarah marshall bluray for £4.50

Rambo will also scan for £7.50

i got transformers from whsmith for £5 the other day

might pop in there tomorrow to check

Shame the branch at Bexleyheath does not sell one single Blu-ray anymore. :x

Whoa - some really up to date titles in this bucket of a shop

heat just for speed racer.

haha the guy in the back is now known online

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haha the guy in the back is now known online

Are you sure it's a guy? Looks more like Andy Warhol's mum...

Is that the original Starship Troopers or the terrible sequels?


This is not Starship Troopers. It is the third in the increasingly terrible straight to video sequels. Save yourself the journey and don't go to WhSmith and waste your lunch time (like I did!)

Can the original poster please ammend the details to stop other people wasting their time :x

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apologies for the sloppiness

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