Blue Dragon £20 with any other game + free venom remotem ONLINE ONLY

Blue Dragon £20 with any other game + free venom remotem ONLINE ONLY

Found 31st Aug 2007
Searching around i came across this deal, which is great considering some of the other prices on the gamestation site.

Basically if you by any other new Xbox360 game, you get blue Dragon for £20, and not only that but if you then search for venom, and add the remote control that also comes free.

Great deal if you also look at it like this

The Darkness & Blue Dragon & Venom Remote - £44.99
Crackdown & Blue Dragon & Venom Remote - £44.99
Armoured core 4 & Blue Dragon & Venom Remote - £44.99
Command & Conquer & Blue Dragon & Venom Remote - £44.99

When in some high street shops it would cost that alone for Blue Dragon!


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I got Command & Conquer & Blue Dragon & Venom Remote - £44.99

Which i thought was a great bargain as i considered buying Command & Conquer for £34.99 not long ago!
And the demo for blue dragon impressed me quite a bit!
And as for the free venom remote.....well ya can't go wrong.

bumping this up as a good buy with command and conquer thanks

Its a hot deal, especially as you can get Tiger Woods 08...

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Yeh i was kind of surprised that no one had thought it was a good deal yet!

I think its superb, didn't realise how good gamestation can be!

just order mine for cnc 3
the darkness is out of stock

voted hot

I saw this offer when scouting for bioshock prices but its not a gr8 deal - your only saving £9 off the best price and your having to pay gamestation prices so

dont forget to go through quidco :thumbsup:
tracks at £2.24
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