Blue dragon xbox 360 £4.97 @ PC World

Blue dragon xbox 360 £4.97 @ PC World


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Can someone please explain why this is cold, the next best price is £14.99
no one has left a reason it wen 7 degrees hot now -5 if anyone knows a better price please tell me

seems good to me. will try to get into my PC world soon to see if they have it in stock.

unsure about the cold votes but in my experience at least, thy can be a bit like Curry's/comet when it comes to these awesome £5 deals. some will have stock where as the majority will not.

I picked this up today for the same price in the bargain bin at Currys :thumbsup:. Not sure why the cold votes, I was actually going to post the same thing for the Currys deal but I'll not bother now. Maybe it's been posted before? (I haven't checked).

Peeps are voting cold because they don't like the game and the format most likely.

It happens sorry...


I voted hot even though I thought the game was utter ****, it's cheap for some ****
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