Blue Gas Lift Office Chair - just £6.24 @ Argos !

Blue Gas Lift Office Chair - just £6.24 @ Argos !

Found 13th Oct 2007Made hot 13th Oct 2007
Blue Gas Lift Office Chair - just £6.24 @ Argos !

Reserve and collect. Random stock.

100% polyester fabric covered swivel chair with polypropylene base, steel back support, plastic seat and back shroud.
Adjustable back.
Gas lift seat adjustable from 40 to 50cm.
Seat size 42.5 x 54cm.
Size (H)72 to 83, (W)42.5, (D)54cm.
Total weight 7.5kg, supplied in 1 box.
Packed flat for home assembly.


want arm rest much better

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I bought this last time, I think it was a pound or two higher. It's a good chair for the price, pretty sturdy as well.

Nice find edi, hot


want arm rest much better

For six quid and change don't be greedy


Good price, thanks

out of stock everywhere in north east

I've thrown so many of these cheap chairs away I've lost count. They last my kids about 3 months then the backrest falls off, or the seat becomes detached.
With chairs you are going to use them for a lot of time (especially if you get hooked on HUKD) so it's worth spending a bit more and getting a good quality one.

nice find

its a cheap deal - but these chairs simply do not last.

subury essex mabe suffolk has stock

arm rest feel more comfortable


arm rest feel more comfortable

The deal no armrest has, elsewhere buy with money more lol

Ive got one, its craap, the backrest has snapped off and its very uncomfortable.

Cold. Cheap does not equal good.

I've seen these chairs sold by another high street vendor in the past. They truely are cheap and nasty.

Seriously. Avoid like the plague..

I paid £15 for my one so £6.24 well worth it. HoOot!

Quite a good price. Mine cost around £10. They are a bit uncomfortable if you are at your computer for a long period of time, so bare that in mind


The deal no armrest has, elsewhere buy with money more lol

Too funny.


out of stock in the whole of scotland,but then again so is most things in argos,starting to get a bit like pcworld.
ah well argos sucks!!

You get what you pay for. Best pre-book a trip to the local refuse site for when it breaks :-(

Ive had one of these for a while and it is fairly sturdy as there isn't much to it. However it does give you a numb behind after a while as the padding isn't very good!

I used to own one, looked pretty good quality to begin with then after a few months just appeared dire, back broke, seat was bust, pneumatics were on and off. Went and bought the ikea one instead and it really does last, great quality too. It does cost way more but I found it was definitely worth it. I'm sure argos do better items for less as well, I just didn't look any further

poor chairs

don`t bother

THESE ARE SO **** TO A LEVEL THAT YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE. If they were free it would still be a bump

the best thing to do with these is, dont put the back rest on...

after a few weeks you will find yourself having to push it back in and tightning the under screw more and more.

best idea, just use the seat a plain old seat !

Im sitting on one of these right now and i really really REALLY wish i wasn't
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