Blue Microphones 2070 Yeti Blackout Tri-Capsule USB Microphone £74.99 @ Amazon

Blue Microphones 2070 Yeti Blackout Tri-Capsule USB Microphone £74.99 @ Amazon

Found 8th Jan 2016
Really good microphone for youtube use. I have one in black and it performs well and looks the business. Amazon often add these microphones to their lightning deals at around this price. If you want a microphone, look no further.
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This is a lovely microphone. Good price too. Heat added.
got it for £61 in warehouse deal
That's a great price popit - just make sure it isn't covered in slobber.
I can't emphasise enough the difference a good mic will make. Even if you're just playing games with friends on something like Teamspeak, Skype or Mumble regularly, since getting the Blue Yeti I've had a few occasions where people have commented how clear the audio is. The downside to this is it can pick up a mouse fart in the other room.

Beware that if you use the stand that comes with this, and you sit it on a desk with your keyboard it will pick up every single key press like a deep bass beat at a rap concert, either place it on a different surface or mount it on a boom arm.

If anyone is interested in a desk mount arm for this, I've been using this one since early 2015…42Q it clamps to the desk very securely, I've not had to alter it since installing it.

The one thing I would advise (as some of the reviews on the product mention), it's worth getting a metal screw size adapter to fit the mic rather than the plastic one that's supplied, as the Blue Yeti is quite heavy. They sell them on Amazon for about £5, but you can pick them up on Ebay for around £2 including postage, I got mine here…586?

Lastly, this mic is designed to be spoken into from the side, not head on like a stage mic, see this graphic for an idea…png .

Hope this helps. Heat added.
Added heat - would have done so if it was fish for Darkie's description

Really good microphone for youtube use.

I don't see a screen on it...
Deal is still going, would vote hot if i could.
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