Blue Moon Craft Beer - 8 x 355ml bottles for £8.00 at Tesco

Blue Moon Craft Beer - 8 x 355ml bottles for £8.00 at Tesco

Found 18th Apr 2015
This is one of my favourite American "craft beers" and it's rare to see it this cheap. Individual bottles are currently reduced from £1.75 to £1.50 but the four packs are £4.99 each or two for £8.00.

"A refreshing, unfiltered wheat beer brewed and spiced in the Belgian tradition

Blue Moon is brewed with oats for creaminess and spiced with the perfect combination of orange peel and coriander. Serve with a slice of orange to enhance the unique flavour.

Blue Moon brewing company was born in 1995 at the sandlot brewery in Denver, Colorado.
We're dedicated to creating handcrafted beers that put a unique spin on classic styles.

Allergy Information:
Contains: Barley, Wheat
ABV 5.4% vol."
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This is fine stuff!
dont know why its cold this is tasty stuff.
heat from me...great stuff....probably getting voted cold by people who think skol is nice.
Yes, cold votes are a bit annoying (normal HUKD "weekenders" I suspect) but I hope it's been of use to people who do like the beer
Great deal for a nice beer, although no 4 packs showing for my online order :-(
I voted this hot for price - good deal if you like the stuff. I was sorely tempted to vote cold for the "serve with a slice of orange" guidance though.
Hoegaarden same price
it's hardly a craft beer, though. It's a Coors product (and always has been)

Hoegaarden same price

Water is cheaper. What's your point.

Water is cheaper. What's your point.

Nice to know about the Hoegaarden too. That's point enough for me
absolutely disgusting. very acquired taste. tastes like it's been rotting.
Edited by: "ewwaxo" 18th Apr 2015

Hoegaarden same price

and much nicer!
Blue moon is the best! good deal
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