Blue Sugar 50ml - Men's Aftershave - £5.15 delivered & quidco @Cheapsmells

Blue Sugar 50ml - Men's Aftershave - £5.15 delivered & quidco @Cheapsmells

Found 30th Nov 2011
Sugary, may appeal to Paco 1 million lovers, Kylie Inverse
A*Men's younger brother - fantastic and cheap

Aquolina, Blue Sugar (50ml Eau de Toilette Spray)
Blue Sugar is a delightful harmony of caramelised sugar and vanilla blended with heady notes of cedar and tonka bean. The heart of the fragrance is rich with energetic notes of liquorice, patchouli, lavender, and coriander. The fresh notes of crisp bergamot and mandarin, with soothing notes of anise complete this fragrance.Blue Sugar is fun and effervescent, yet supremely masculine.

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Perfect for when Lord Alan has had enough of his apprentices.
Edited by: "fairytooth" 30th Nov 2011
seriously dont buy reeks of urine and is so strong you will smell of p1sh all day.....vile stuff
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Spacebhouy unless your wee smells of candyfloss & sugar you are wrong...

Everyone else read the reviews & google it a bit

Its not for everyone but then again what is?
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This fragrance opens with a burst of liquorice and anise, to my nose it is very similar to the opening of Lolita Lempicka's au Masuclin. After a short while the liquorice/anise is joined by a dreamy burnt candy/caramelised sugar smell which lasts for the majority of the fragrance's duration. In the heart of this is a very sweet candyfloss note mixed with a bit of caramel which is really pleasant. The base is a bit of a mish-mash of everything already mentioned which blends surprisingly well and smells a lot like the gorgeous A*Men's dry down.

This fragrance has great projection and sillage and on my skin lasts 8+ hours, I can still smell it on me the next morning sometimes. A very sweet, fun and youthful fragrance which gets lots of compliments and for under £6 it's one of, if not the best value for money fragrances I have ever come across, definitely buy this if you like sweet gourmands.
I bought this ages ago and can't stand it. It's the licorice note that I dislike the most, just smells dirty, but once it disappears it's not too bad.

Still, a good price though.

Some reviews.…tml
Edited by: "Caskey" 30th Nov 2011

seriously dont buy reeks of urine and is so strong you will … seriously dont buy reeks of urine and is so strong you will smell of p1sh all day.....vile stuff

No it doesn't, smells of liquorice and maple sugar to me.
I bought it a while back just to try it when it was cheap.
Used it once for work, people were wondering and saying where was the candy floss smell was coming from. The funny thing was, girls were then just standing close next to me, just to get a sniff of it. Hell, even one girl grabbed hold of me and hugged me and sniffed me. It was kinda of like the Lynx adverts that day. I'm not even lying.
The only problem it does give me a headache after a few hours, this stuff does smell strong.
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