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Mercedes Benz CLA 1.6 AMG Line Lease. Initial deposit £1739.88 + £193pm - 4 Year Lease at Blue Chilli Cars
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Mercedes-Benz CLA180 Coupe AMG Line 1.6 Petrol Manual 4 Year Lease 5000 Miles anually Initial Deposit of £1739.88 and 47 monthly payments of £193.32. Admin/Processing fee £360 T… Read more

Plus if you're on a 2/3 year lease and want to lease again straight after, you're moving into a newer (higher value car) quicker than someone who is still leasing a 4/5 year deal. Most likely with fairly similar monthly payments.


Leasing is only really good on 2/3 year deals, when the car takes its biggest hit in depreciation. Still paying monthly for a car that's 4+ years old is silly


I saw this in the showroom and it didnt even have a centre arm rest at the back. The CLA was horrible, im roughly 5ft4" and when I tried to sit in the back of the CLA the roof bumped my head. Horrid cars, no wonder theyre the cheapest in the range, CLA might be phased out soon, GLA is just a raised up A class with less spec inside


Have you got one? How is it bog standard? I'm currently driving my dad's (leased) CLA180 shooting brake. It's lovely, superb to drive, feels nice and solid and very smooth. The 1.6 is no slouch either, and that's in an estate! Just wondering where you get your facts from that it's "a bog standard Merc" or is it just your opinion because it's not an AMG GTR.


Yes Of course it could. If one repeatedly does short-run journeys and/or switches off the engine at mid-active regeneration, then it's easy to block the DPF and worse still contaminate engine oil with extra diesel that was injected for regeneration in the first place to the sump. Not in the long-term in terms of ownership, but in the short-term, going to the garage to do a forced regeneration is a waste of your time, unless of course you enjoy wasting time. The 1.2 Puretech 130 is a great engine on this car.

Ford Focus ST Line 140bhp 1.0 ecoboost. £117 a month £2400 deposit @bluechilli. 10K miles...RRP £22000
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Have I found a cracker for you hot hatch lovers, walk into any Ford dealership and ask for 10,000miles on this car and you only want to pay £227 a month, they will laugh you out of… Read more
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We have this car via notability for our son. We are very impressed with its look.. And it drives like a 1.4 - 1.6 very nice ride indeed. Not bad for £45 one off payment (-;




More of a Big Jugs man myself. ;)


Either way, you have to stick a few quid aside each month whether you run a banger or a new lease car...


People do it because they want the newest, no MOT to worry about, taxed, less likely to need repairs, warranty, etc. Buy a 3 or 4 year old car... You don't know how it has been driven, what has been wrong with it, no warranty, needs MOT...

Nissan Leaf Visia 5dr Auto 36 Months Lease - £265.80 with inital rental of £797.40 via Blue Chili Cars. Total cost: £10,460.40
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Been looking for an Electric car lease for the last few weeks in preparation for a new car next year. This seems quite a good price considering you don't need to ever buy fuel. In… Read more
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Not a bad deal if you really want a leaf, though disappointing that even these basic leafs are so expensive. When you can lease an equivalent petrol car for far less even considering the fuel savings they really don't make sense unless you drive inside the London congestion zone.


Just to try and give some info of real world numbers. Had my 24Kwh Leaf nearly a year. Costs: Average consumption is 4.1miles/Kw. I pay 12p per Kw so that equates to just over 3p per mile. Bonus that service stations are often offline so free to use. Range: Average range of about 80 miles - dependant upon conditions. Charging: Got a free home charger fitted. Full charge takes about 8 hours. Although I never do that. Public charging speeds vary but are at least twice as quick. Most are even faster.


The problem with the Visia is the lack of heat pump. So winter range in a Acenta/Tekna 30kwh will likely be greater. They've actually stopped making the Visia in the UK due to poor demand. So what's left is what's already made.


You here for the crac?


I fortunately do not have a vested interest and my previous reply was sincere. I also do not speak with opinion but with observance of current practicality and knowledge of bureaucracy when it comes to the car industry. It's simply a hard fact that supercaps will not be the main energy source for EVs. The mindset will go the way it organically goes, as is the case with any application. Additionally, EVs being the most eco-unfriendly devices one can imagine is just egregious hyperbole. I agree that they are not as clean as perceived. Yes, there is mining needed for the metals used and an EV is only as clean as the power source it receives it's electricity from (power stations) etc, but this is incomparable to extracting oil and burning it, especially with us moving more and more towards renewable energy. Lastly, even recycling of EV batteries is improving with some recycers reclaiming up to 90% of materials used in the battery packs - and that is 2018; it'll be better every year. 'wireless charging' isn't my phrase but a completely common industry phrase.

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Audi A6 2.0 TDI Ultra SE Executive. 2yrs £800 initial, £267 per month (both incl VAT). 10k miles p/a @ Blue chilli cars
Found 24th Jul 2017Found 24th Jul 2017
Brand new Audi A6 for £7,300 over two years (including the rather high £360 vehicle sourcing fee which is potentially negotiable). The depreciation when you drive off the forecour… Read more

There's absolutely no doubting the value of this deal, and leasing in general. However I can't help but think that these deals encourage people to live beyond their means. I read recently that the average personal debt in the UK is around the 10,000 mark. Social media is, let's face it, 90% boasting (look what i've bought, where i've been or what i've done) and this ultimately encourages people to live beyond their means. Not to mention that these manufacturers are losing their exclusivity - I could walk to work on the roofs of leased Audi A1s. Ironically i think if you take the risk of repair costs and buy a future classic you will end up with a far cooler and more exclusive car than any of the new models. Anyway depressing chat over - voted hot haha


Hi, Can you send a link to this deal?


Hello mate, Mind if you enable your private messages, I want to ask you few question about your A6 ? :) Thanks. Regards


I was just looking for renewal and wanted to get A6 for long time. Going through all the comments now but any tips on which lease company to use for any new A6 ? I have no requirements what so ever except automatic gearbox. Thanks! Cheers


any deals on the A6 Estates?

Hyundai Ioniq HatchbackSE - £3300 - 18-months lease deal £3292.80 @ Blue Chilli Cars
Found 31st Jan 2017Found 31st Jan 2017
Contract term 18 months Rental profile 3 + 17 Annual mileage8000 Processing fee£360.00 Finance doc fee£0.00 Production status Current model Warranty included yes Breakdown c… Read more
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I quite like the look of CLA but only in the right colour with the right spec and wheels. As most I see are just darker shades with standard wheels it's not so great. The car itself is a bit bleh. Still, the Ioniq makes it look positively pretty by comparison. Tesla have already been on about the Model 3 coming this year having a Cd superior to this Hyundai and it looks fine.


You were doing so well! X) It looks like they gave the aerodynamics team the front third of... well frankly any Mercedes and told them to finish it off. The back end on the saloon looks like its been melted with a lighter. The estate (sorry shooting brake) designer should have been put down at birth! From a pure electric point of view* (which is what the car was designed around) its probably the prettiest after the Zoe. *Cars that normal people can afford so not Tesla ect.


Slightly better coefficient of drag than a BMW i8, Jaguar XE or Nissan GTR. Marginally better than an Audi A2 or Alfa Giulia. No better than a Mercedes CLA or Tesla Model S. None of these took a hiding from the ugly stick though. Oh well.


That is exactly what it is, the Ioniq is the most aero dynamic car in is class and also one of the highest efficiency ratings in the EPA tests


​Its funny, it's like things like this are at the whim of personal opinion and are completely subjective because I quite like it.

Volvo XC60 Diesel Estate D4 [190] SE Nav 5dr [Leather] Lease £2400 deposit + 23x £200.40 Blue Chilli Cars
Found 11th Jan 2017Found 11th Jan 2017
This is for the XC60 SE Nav + Leather with 8k miles p/a High deposit, but they also have other options with lower deposit that works out slightly more expensive. The total price … Read more
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FYI - the 10k works out cheaper. Lower upfront offset by the higher monthly fee. The deal from AutoTrader was cheaper but has been taken off the market :/ I would take it at £220/month (average) for the 8k but not any more.


Good point.


This one is better for 36m


No it's not, the other deal is cheaper at the two year term.


This company is cheaper than the other XC60 deal that went to 533°, albeit a different term. I'm going for the 36m from these guys. Hot.

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