Bluechip VX1i mini mobile phone unlocked without sim £16.99 @ Tesco

Bluechip VX1i mini mobile phone unlocked without sim £16.99 @ Tesco

Found 2nd Apr 2010
Saw this instore today, and it's also online.

8cm x 5cm x 1.03cm (3.2" x 2" x 0.4") smaller than a credit card. Unlocked to any network.

* Talk time (some websites say up to 100 minutes, box itself claims up to 5 hours (300 minutes)).
* Standby up to 90 hours
* GSM 900/1800 or 850/1900
* Battery 400mAh
* Main LCD Backlight White
* Keypad backlight Blue

Comes with user manual and mini USB charger.

A good small basic phone for calling and texting.

This small and stylish VX1 Party Phone fits easily into your pocket or purse. It's a handy alternative to you day to day handset. It's sim free and will work with all sim cards. It has 100 number phone book, 100minutes talktime and 90hours standby.


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Saw today in Tescos in Ashford....they only 3 left, so am not sure how wide spread this is, but it is also online

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Expired already?

Is it because you can get it for £1 more with a Vodafone sim?…fre

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What's going on? come it's not expired now??????


Would this phone work abroad please?

got 2 in stratford rd Solihull store
there were 18 left but some had been opened and looked returns

says on box take on holiday so I assume you can use abroad,
will chec specs for dual gsm

yup dual butnot tri band so wont work in the us

intersting in who the maker is too according toone site:

* Model: VX1i
* Manufactured by: Nokia

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Saw these also in the Westwood Cross Tescos in Broadstairs....on a stand like they were originally

Handy to take running or nights out as if it gets damaged it is not a big loss.

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Saw these still at this price at Thurrock Tescos today

I bought one of these at easter it cost 17.99 which included an O2 sim card and a fujifilm 2gb usb flash drive. That was the delivered price with a code. The code is now not available but the offer is still only £19.99 not a baad deal. It is from

Do this phone still exit.. I need where to order..?
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