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Save on your fuel prices @ Esso via BlueLightCard
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Save money on your fuel for emergency service workers at esso just noticed this deal probably still cheaper at your supermarket but a saving is a saving
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There is nowhere for me to put in the BLC reference when I attempt to sign up, anyone mange to get round this?


Just type esso into the search bar, for me it was the last displayed result. (y)


Company’s in search type esso


How did you find the info pls? Iv searched for it but cannot locate it, thanks in advance :)


Mmm I don't have a Blue Light Card, but I've got my military ID + Defence Discount Card. Think I shall have to inquire at my local Esso regarding this. Cheers op

Blue Light Card £4.99 for a five-year membership.
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
A Blue Light Card is £4.99 for a five-year membership. This is for production and postage of the card which are sent to a valid work address. Access discounts in stores not just … Read more
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Just signed up now for £5 for 5 years. Going to use it to get the Odeon Limitless card for £152. Even with the £5 for the card that still about a £50 saving


Can someone send me a bluelightcard voucher code for 20% dell please? I would greatly appreciate it!


You can get one working for st. John ambulance too.. Even if its just in the call centre, my partner has one


It’s a rule on HUKD. Same deals can be reposted after a month since the last post.


George I didn’t see this until this person jake posted it so I missed urs

EE Sim Only 12 Months 20GB 40% off for BlueLight or Defence Discount Card Members (£12.60pm)
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
You apply for the code through the deal on the BlueLight Card or Defence Discount website once you have logged in as a member. They will then email you a code. The website is fr… Read more

can someone pm me bluelight voucher code for DELL 20% please? I want to get a monitor, I would greatly appreciate it :)


That’s good. Hope they have indeed corrected it. Sometimes they say they will adjust it, but once the phone is put down they go and mess it up again. Next months bill will tell us


Just had call back. TL;DR they put both my contracts in the wrong plan. It’s all being adjusted now and discount corrected. As gesture they’re writing off this months bill because of it!


Agree - I hope to hear back from someone soon. They originally wanted to credit me £80 - but I’m not overly happy with that I have 2 contracts I’d rather not pay out more than I have to later on. Will let you know if they do anything and would be helpful for you.


I've had 3, or maybe even 4 reps try to sort out the problems with this order. Until next month, I won't know if the discount has been applied correctly though. When we ordered, it said it was a £21 per month tariff, now it's saying £25 a month. It's all a bit of a mess . I seem to be getting 30gb a month too

Blue Light Card Holders - Free Tickets to Newmarket Racecourse Friday 12th October or Saturday 13th October
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Blue Light Card Holders - Free Tickets to Newmarket Racecourse Friday 12th October or Saturday 13th October
If you have a Blue Light Card just search "Newmarket" and you can choose 2 free tickets for either Friday 12th or Saturday 13th October.

Could someone with a card grab me a couple for saturday please? Of course if you dont want to go Thanks


i believe that this is for the Grandstand and Paddock Enclosure only...


The same offer is available for too

Blue Light Card - £4.99 for 5 years - for Emergency Services, Armed Forces , NHS Staff and others (listed below)
Refreshed 16th AugRefreshed 16th Aug
.Discount Card for Emergency Services and NHS Staff. Seems to be some very good discount available for £4.99. Card lasts 5 years!… Read more
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People can be removed from the system for doing this so please don't ask for this unless you are entitled to sign up for yourself


You have to have it delivered to your work place, I.e police station/fire station etc. Addressed to you using employee Id


:/ 👎


Clergy should get one


TJ1304: Nothing for. Teaching assistants?!!! We don't count as public sector workers. Us part-time term time only folk with SOOO many holidays don't deserve the discount. Not like them civil servants. (mad)

Blue light card £5
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Not a deal as such. Just want to let staff of the NHS, Emergecy services and Armed forces know of the blue light card gets you discount in many stores and online. Costs £5 and last… Read more
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This is a popular post. It’s been posted here, 6 days ago & a day ago! Better go look at what it offers properly in that case (lol)


Hey can anyone check if the sky offer is still valid for tv pleasE?


Who is behind the blue light card? That's a pretty useful set of data collected during the registration process in the wrong hands or even the right hands. A private company founded 2008 based lougborough with just two directors/officers. The defence discount service is an official MOD scheme as are employment ID cards. But a private company collecting sensitive data from people serving in the armed forces, police, NHS, border agency etc?


Not true, there are lots of places where it works and not had any issues, used recently in Patisserie Valerie, Office shoes and Nando’s (not listed but they take it).


Anyone any idea how long after Id has been confirmed till I get my card please?

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Samsung s3 gear frontier classic £224.10 via BlueLightCard
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Samsung s3 gear frontier classic £224.10 via BlueLightCard
As above both in stock also £89.10 for the icon x wireless cans
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Brand new sim free iphone 8 for £601 for blue light card holders
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Brand new sim free iphone 8 for £601 for blue light card holders
Been looking for iphone 8 64gb deal for quiet some time and the best deal was £639 which has gone cold, so did my research and found a cheaper option but only for those blue light… Read more

Yeah that's why it's so cold inhere (poo)


iPhone 8 is Apple's current model until their new one comes out pretty soon, and this is the cheapest you can get it sim free (unless you know better, so post the link) at the moment. You rest your case all you want petal, it can't stand up on its own anyway!


If this is latest for you in the mobile industry than I rest my case


For me, £601 for any phone without a minimum 1080P screen is freezing cold.


It's the latest model at a lower price than anywhere else! Your comment makes no sense at all! Heat added

Sonos One £169.15 for Blue Light Card Holders +15% off all other Sonos products
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
The Blue Light Card is £4.99 and available to NHS, Fire Police etc etc. They have just added Sonos as a discount partner at 15%. That makes the Play One £169.15. Good deal if you… Read more

This discount is no longer available


I just tried my code on the 2x Sonos One bundle (359) and it didn't work, only on a single Sonos. So works out at the same price per speaker as the current Currys duo deal (less at Currys if you have access to discounted vouchers – as you do through the BLC). Still a good deal if you only want the one though. Voted hot. Also the discount doesn't work on the Beam unfortunately.


Supposedly sets are covered by the voucher code. Sonos has reduced the price of sets, including beam and sub buy £100, so in theory of the voucher code works you could get a beam and sub for £850


Have you tried this yet? Any luck


Yeah so basically every product except the new one. There were no such terms and conditions on the email I received. Like I said I’ll wait for release and see then as got another Sonos discount code via Father’s Day promotion

National Express - £15 Anywhere to anywhere return - @ Defence Discount Services
01/03/2019Expires on 01/03/2019Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Conditions apply.....2nd sentence of para 5 particularly....nudge, nudge, wink, wink, don't say I didn't tell you. Defence Discount Service is pleased to be able to offer members … Read more

Works on the Blue Light Card which is great. I’m hoping this covers Airport routes as they’re usually a bit more pricey, can’t see anywhere mentioning that it doesn’t. Thanks for the heads up.


Hi @perkypig This is applicable for all Blue Light Card holders - so available to more people too :) Defence Discount Services / Blue Light Card are same people btw

Blue light card discount for Emergency services, NHS and Armed forces
Found 28th Apr 2016Found 28th Apr 2016
A card for discounts at a variety of things in the high street and online.
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All haters of emergency services are a waste of space!! There's a house fire with people trapped!! Who goes to it?? It ain't going to be you but the fire service You're sick and have a disease?? Who's going to save you?? It ain't going to be you but the doctors and nurses who work 24/7 Don't get me started with the police!!! Donut eating, ticket issuers!!! Scum of the earth right?? Nah!! You do their job! You go cry to your momma where there is someone with a knife high on drugs going on the rob! or someone breaks into your house? who delivers a death message?? Who protects you guys 24/7..police!! Without the emergency services you haters would be stuck! They're the first port of call!! They work hard and deserve rewards!!


Not sure where you see 'hate' or being called a 'scum bag'. Not from me for sure.


these are the hard times and almost every one (low income professionals) struggling to make a decent living. the people who don't care for discount won't be on this site like my kids or those millionaires lol


I am one of these workers, but don't think I deserve any special discounts. I choose to do my full time job, and statistically, my part time job is more dangerous. Emergency service workers have always got discounts at many places just by showing their ID. Personally, I've never done it, as I feel embarise to. And most these discounts offered with this card is prob avail in some other way anyway-just by asking sometimes.


Wow, some hate for the emergency services here. I always find it bizarre how emergency service front line staff are willing to risk their lives, and very often do, to save others and get nothing in return aside from antiquated insults about their working conditions and pensions etc. Let's hope you never need them ey... Oh, I'm one of them 'scum bags' that works for the fire service. Had to sign an agreement to say I legally opt out of the working time directive. If you think we're on a 'cushy number' please come and walk a mile in my shoes, I implore you. This card is pretty decent by the way, it costs £5 for 3 years membership and a card you can use in some shops, or you can just join the site for free and use the discounts available online.

Services Day at Alton Towers 13th March  £18 adults £16 kids (NHS, emergency services & forces etc.)
Found 6th Jan 2016Found 6th Jan 2016
Services Day at Alton Towers 13th March £18 adults £16 kids (NHS, emergency services & forces etc.)
Park is open to Services only on these days. Also available on the 18th March. Need to call to book.
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Not going there even if it was free!


jeez they're doing anything they can to fill this once great Park. I do believe the rides are safe, it's the yokels they get to run them that scare me!


Gaz you douche


Hope there aren't any terrorists reading this

Discounts for Emergency Services & Military Staff & Volunteers - NHS, Police, Paramedics, Fire & Rescue, Army, Veterans
Found 15th Aug 2014Found 15th Aug 2014
This place does TONNES of really good discounts if you're in the emergency services or armed forces. You get free access to online discount codes and the option to pay £4.99 for a … Read more
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I have just applied. Seems a bit of a shame though that most of the supermarkets have cash back on gift cards only (3-6% generally. Beaten by buying on HUKD :p) . Would have - in my opinion - been a lot nicer to have a discount on any purchase in store. Can see it's more profitable the way they have done it though. Tried signing up to Vauxhall Partners - made an account there & it re-directs me to the Vauxhall Masterfit scheme which is open to anyone. TeamSport Go Karting says "Not valid at some points during the year" which is a little vague!


Cool! Thanks for clarifying for us :-)


Someone asked about cashback earlier - cashback is detailed on the DDS site so yes, I believe it to be available from some companies through DDS although I have no experience of this - see the terms and conditions where it mentions cashback at . The Blue Light website also has a cashback section in its terms and conditions - see . There is a DDS corporate registration page at and on here you will see that the registering party has the option of also supporting the Emergency Services and NHS by accepting the Blue Light Card as well as the Defence Privilege Card so that the list of offers can be different although a corporate registering with Blue Light gets the option of also making the offer available to the official Ministry of Defence discount card. Having said that, my experience is that the list of companies making offers does differ between the two websites. Hope this makes sense and helps... Where a company appears on both sites, the discounts can differ - an example I looked at today offers 15% on one site and 10% on the other.


thank you :)


Not sure, there's a number you can call to ask. but doubt it, think its just emergency services, military and closely related jobs