BlueNEXT Bluetooth GPS - £39.93 delivered
BlueNEXT Bluetooth GPS  - £39.93 delivered

BlueNEXT Bluetooth GPS - £39.93 delivered

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Scancom is selling cheap Bluetooth GPS receiver based on Nemerix chipset. OK, this is not Sirf III, but performance as shown in this review is quite good, apart from indoor reception.

So if one want low-cost high-performance Bluetooth GPS device to work with PDA/Phone, then this unit should be a good buy.


* 30 Hours operation time
* Compatiable with all major naviagtion software
* Receives 7-8 satellites in the glove box
* Automotive GPS Satellite Navigation
* Fleet management/Asset tracking
* Personal/Portable Navigation (PDA, Pocket PC etc.)
* Location Based Services enabled devices
* Sports and Recreation
* Geographic Surveying
* 16 Channel GPS Receiver
* Bluetooth Connection
* Three LEDs show bluetooth,GPS,and battery status
* Low Power Consumption
* Mains Charger included
* Car charger included
* Replaceable rechargeable 1050mAh Li-ion battery
* Compatiable with all bluetooth enabled PDA AND MOBILE
* Support standard NMEA-0183 at 38400 baud rate
* 12 Months UK Warranty


Just what i was after... thanks :-D

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You're welcome!

i would buy this but i am in australia for 2 months. hmmm hopefully it will still be around when i get back

which software would work with nokia 6630? also where can i get them?

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I believe there are several packages that should work on Symbian: Route 66, TomTom, Navicore.


which software would work with nokia 6630? also where can i get … which software would work with nokia 6630? also where can i get them?thanks!

I have TomTom on my 6630. Brilliant. I got my software from a large computer fair... but there are other sources.

I bought a Holux 236 Sirf III GPS from Hong Kong (Ebay) for £43 including delivery to go with it... I know it was a bit of a risk in case it goes wrong or if I got hit for import duty... but all was fine. Even gets a fix indoors. Better than the old BT-77 I had. Uses the same battery as the 6630 too.

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Finally got this thingy. It came in blue box proudly stating "Maid (sic!) in Taiwain". Not sure of what said girl is doing in Taiwan but there were no signs of female hiding inside of the box.
It (GPS, not maid) came with power adaptors (normal one + car), plastic non-slip mat, battery and user guide written by someone whose command of English is worse than mine (much worse, to be honest!). The device itself is quite small and seem to be well made (for the money, that's it).
It paired with my MDA Vario without any problems and TomTom software was able to communicate with it. It took about 3 minutes to acquire 8 satellites (my Blaupunkt GPS in car found 9). It even works inside of bulding if I place it next to window.

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It is out of stock on their website. But they do ]similar receiver for almost the same money.

I did some more experiments - it works OK with Microsoft Autoroute (my laptop got Bluetooth built-in). Re-acquisition time is fast - less than 10 seconds.

UPD: Tried it in my car. It works without any issues from glovebox. The "signal strength" indicator drop one line, but it still can get 9 satellites while sitting in locked glovebox. Not bad at all.
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