Bluesky BS4216HI 42" Plasma TV. £587.49 Delivered NOW £509.99 Delivered!

Bluesky BS4216HI 42" Plasma TV. £587.49 Delivered NOW £509.99 Delivered!

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Found 27th Jan 2007
Hi. Not too clued up on plasma tv specs as im more a LCD man, but this seems a reasonable price for a tv of this size. Seems to have a Reasonably low aspect ratio compared to more expensive models but I did notice the Contrast: 10000:1 spec which seemed quite good, but not sure if this is a standard spec for plasma.

Also noticed what looks like a DVI connection for possible pc connection, again not sure if this is a run of the mill standard connection for a plasma tv. For more pictures of this TV, Check out the "more images" link just below the main picture of this Tv
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Bluesky BS4216HI 42" Plasma TV

Diaganol Display Size: 42" PDP
Television System: Multi-standard (PAL-SECAM)
Channel Coverage: VHF-L: E2-S8
VHF-H: S9-S37
UHF: S38-E69
Resolution: 852 x 480
Contrast: 10000:1
Brightness: 1500cd/m (squared)
Viewing Angles: 170 H (degrees)
170 V (degrees)
Power Source: AC100V--240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 330W
Audio Output: 7W + 7W
Connection Interface:
RF Input:
Cable/Antenna RF x 1
Video Input:
Video x 1
Graphic Input:
Analog RGB 15pin x 1
Digital: RGB (DVI-D) X 1
SCART Input:
Audio Input:
AV Audio x 1
Mini-jack for Steroe (3.5cm) x 1
Audio Output:
AV Audio x 1
Mini-jack for Stereo (3.5cm) x 1

Only my second deal Ive posted so hopefully someone may want one of these at this reasonable price.
RS232C x 1 (for software updating)

Dimentions: 1043mm x 640mm x 85mm
Weight: 33.5Kg

Forgot to add that you will need to change the delivery at checkout to the free 5 day super saver to get it at this price.
- sadsak

- beerman1
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Its not HD
yuk, ok for business use but not much else...
Looks like it has a DVI input though?
[SIZE=2]As mentioned in the original post :roll: Thanks sadsak ;-)[/SIZE]
Thanks for adding the Dvi picture Rayman.
I realise this tv probably will not suite everybodys needs, but for those of you on a budget on the lookout for a large tv and not too worried about high definition, then this may be a suitable option.
You'd be better off putting £587.49 toward a Pioneer or Panasonic Plasma or any recommended major brand. There are also many good tried & tested LCDs.

I agree with jethro. Additionally, I wouldn't expect a long life from this brand and remember, even when the specification is good, never buy on spec. and price alone. Surely it's best to spend a bit more of your hard earned cash on something reliable that will give years of pleasure.

I'd rather watch a smaller screen that offers exceptional picture quality than a big screen that can't. If you really want a good deal, start by getting some independent, unbiased reviews.


1) Buy a few trusted magazines which review the latest TVs.
[COLOR=#808080](Perhaps your local library may have these)[/COLOR]

2) Get a short list together.

3) Go to view and compare.

4) Search for the best deal of your chosen model online.
[COLOR=#808080](You can haggle in high street stores too)[/COLOR]

I hope this helps someone who may be tempted!
Whoops osrry votes hot didnt see spec, like the DVI but not even basic HD, mmmmm? Good cheap price though
Now £509.99 delivered. Wicked price!!!

At this price you can't go wrong. Basic 480p but for a 42" at this price it will be ideal for anyone watching analogue until terrestrial eventually change over to digital. This would be perfect for my grandparents wanting 'one of those new style flat screens' but can't afford the silly money.

Up here where I live terrestrial channels do not stop until 2012 (London also I think) so this will be perfect for a good 5 years, then you can add a lifetime after that if you are happy with the resolution. Just buy a digi box for £10 or so!

So my vote is hot, nice cheap widescreen tv for those who do not want; or need HD.
Thanks for the price update beerman01 Now in the title also ;-)
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