Bluespoon AX2 - Bluetooth headset - £27.45 Delivered
Bluespoon AX2 - Bluetooth headset - £27.45 Delivered

Bluespoon AX2 - Bluetooth headset - £27.45 Delivered

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£35+ everywhere else that I can see and a cracking little device...

The Bluespoon AX2, builds on Nexlink's award winning Bluespoon headset, with improved standby and talktime, yet still maintaining its tiny size. The result is the smallest and lightest headset in the world which offers superior sound quality at the same time.

Utilising lightweight components in its construction, Nextlink's Bluespoon AX2 weighs only a feather-weight 10 grams. Utilising the latest Li-ION battery technology for optimum battery life & a high efficiency 2.4 GHz. antenna for exceptional range and minimal signal degradation. Based on Nextlink's patented sound technology, originally developed by Nextlink for the military, the Bluespoon AX22 adds Bluetooth 1.2 specification, reducing interference from other Bluetooth & RF devices, giving the Bluespoon AX2 exceptional sound.

The Bluespoon AX2's revised interface is even easier to use. Intelligent 3-button interface is a new addition to the Bluespoon AX2. A large multifunctional button is placed on top of the headset, and two smaller ones are placed on the sides, gives you complete control.

The completely redesigned soft tip backpiece turns 360 degrees to accommodate both left and right ear users. Speaker and soft spring are now a single soft silicone unit. The battery is user-exchangeable, and recharges via the Mini-USB port on the headset (PC and MAC compatible). Additionally a car charger and a wall adapter can be bought separately.

Bluespoon AX2 Bluetooth Headset
size comparison

The supplied neck strap is shaped like the mini USB plug, and ensures safe carrying, when on the move. Support for both Bluetooth® Headset and Handsfree profile ensures compatibility with a wide range of Bluetooth devices. Bluespoon AX2 can be paired with 8 different Bluetooth devices.

Bluespoon AX2 Bluetooth Headset


* Model name: Bluespoon AX2
* Type: Wireless analogue headset using Bluetooth technology
* Audio profiles: Bluetooth Headset and Handsfree
* L/W/D: 42 x 25 x 27mm
* Talktime: Up to 8 hours
* Standby time: From 500 to 1500 hours

Package Includes :

* Bluespoon AX2 Headset (BLACK)
* Two soft tip back pieces
* USB charging cable (100cm)
* Rechargeable LI-ION coin cell battery
* Neck carrying strap (BLACK)
* Users Guide in 12 languages

mobilefun.co.uk/pro…htm £27.45

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Original Poster

Shameless self promoting bump due to new law coming into force with a doubling to a £60 fine and meaning you can get 3 points now for using a handheld phone while driving:




I use this myself everyday, mostly as I'm a sucker for fear mongering and I;ve been using a mobile since 1996 and recent studies meant that I'm likely to get a brain tumour....

That extending black rubber bit actually goes into the curved bit outside your ear without the need for heavy round ear clips and feels more comfortable, my old Jabra BT800 felt massive compared to this tiny thing which is the size of my thumbnail, never falls out, and love how good it is, it comes with a neckstrap for when you don't want it plugged into your ear which is under your top/shirt, I don't use my pockets as I'm scared I'd break it, also the talk time trumps the BT800 hands down easily used it for over 6hours plus before I had to recharge it, which it does pretty quickly, and the battery can even be replaced if needbe.

Any chance of some bigger pictures ? ;-)

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Sure if you want, I can borrow my neighbours 10mp camera and have a huge one if you want ;-)

is that lifesize?

usb charge is very good!

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is that lifesize?

Not quite

It is literally the size of your end of your thumb.

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usb charge is very good!

Yep, I have a car charger with micro usb, home pc micro usb charger cable, laptop pc micro usb charger cable, work pc micro usb charger cable

Mine never runs flat

50p is these for a size guide.

Play had the AX1 for about £17 delivered last summer, missed out on those. I have constant problems connecting my Jabra 205 to my Nokia and am tempted. Problem is I'm 99% sure the problem is with the Nokia.
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