Bluetooth Mono Media Free @ Google Play Store

Bluetooth Mono Media Free @ Google Play Store

Found 13th Dec 2017
Down from 69p

This application is a switch that allows you to listen to music on bluetooth devices that does not support media files (calls only).
You can also use it in the car stereo!🚗

Unfortunately, the audio quality can not be increased.


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I so hope this works, allmost like a free DAB upgrade for my car
Good as a short term free solution but you can get a Xiaomi Roidmi for about £7 that plugs into your cigarette lighter, connects to your phone on Bluetooth and then transmits a surprisingly good quality fm signal that your car stereo picks up.

If you're streaming and short on data I'm sure I saw something recently on here for £20 that did the same but was a DAB radio.
Quality is shocking. Not even worth it
Thanks, I'll give it a go.
I was hoping I could use this to send audio to my android wear watch, but cant get it to work unfortunately.
well the price is right
I'm actually so happy I could kiss the OP right now I've been trying to find an app that does exactly this for so so long thank you.
sound quality if absolutely awful. deleted after 30 seconds
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