Bluetooth Party Speaker (football size and rechargeable)

Bluetooth Party Speaker (football size and rechargeable)

Found 8th Dec 2016Made hot 8th Dec 2016
This is a great price compared to others available on the market that aren't rechargeable- which adds a lot of value to me personally.

I'm absolutely sure I won't regret buying this for my almost 9 year old daughter.

Free delivery.


Disco time lol

Interestingly seller has increased price by £3 since yesterday.

Original Poster

I'd have given him £2 more the fool.

I think I will enjoy this more than my daughter Time to dig out some cheesy pop

One review:


It was really g old"

Maybe he meant old g? I like and elderly gangster as much as anyone, but would've preferred feedback on sound quality.

I'm tempted, but am worried it may sound like when a teenager on a bus plays pineapple pen pineapples on his/her phone speaker.

Christmas party treat hehe

These brake very easily, purchased one from for £50 and it broke within a week, the circuit board inside moves to create the moving lights and the wires soldered to that board break off, had mine replaced twice with the same fault, the 3rd one broke so I ended up just returning it for a refund.

Showing as £19.98 at the moment.
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